View Full Version : Odyssey in search of treasure

17-07-04, 00:25
Just off the coast of Gibraltar, more than half a mile down in the Mediterranean is a wreck that a US salvage firm believes could contain an unpredecented haul of treasure.
The the Sussex, an 80-gun British warship sank with 12 vessels from its merchant fleet in tumultuous storms in 1694 while on a secret diplomatic mission for King William III.

Some experts have questioned whether the Tampa-based Odyssey marine exploration have in fact found the Sussex.

But if they have, then historical documents suggest that that the wreck is holding a scale of treasure that would slacken the jaw of even the most successful pirate: 10 tonnes of bullion and precious coins worth up to 2.4bn today.

The Guardian (http://www.guardian.co.uk/sussex/story/0,14744,1262796,00.html)