View Full Version : Slipstop!!

19-07-04, 19:22
WOW this is bad!!Extortion so your kid will pass his school !

http://www.timwerx.net/culture/slipstop.htm :souka:

19-07-04, 19:24
Weird... Interesting article there though rock. "Education Panic" :D

31-07-04, 21:15
scary... not the sort of process i'd like to go through. But i can in some way relate to this in england (appart from the money deal).

Even though getting in to most high schools is fine, univeristies now are a real problem: i didn't even get into oxford, after getting 2 A's at A-levels one year early (about 50% of the entry requirments) :( :(
so if I had a choice between the two methods, i'd go with Japan: because at least I can rely that the high school wont just pick names out of a hat. :D