View Full Version : CPS,foster homes,grouphomes, etc.

19-07-04, 21:38
I have a few friends in a group home. I just wanted others opinions.

King of Tokyo
19-07-04, 22:57
Not ALWAYS I suppose.. It depends on the home.. but we currently have two foster children living with us.. And we treat them well and they seem to like it.. Seeing as their mother's are alcoholics and on welfare I think they are good here in our home, don't you ? Lol..

24-07-04, 23:35
I belive they do for some beacuse i got into some trouble and i was in a boys home from when i was 15 till i was 17 i was not alowed to have any contact with family or friends but while i was in there it taught me self control and respect for everyone. Before i went in there i was the most undiciplined you you would have ever laid eyes on and when i came out i was the most mature young man you would ever meet. i have not got into any trouble since then and i am doing great and i owe it all to that place.

25-07-04, 05:36
From what I've heard CPS is a joke. They butt in when a problem isn't really that bad and yet they always somehow manage not to butt in when there really is a problem.