View Full Version : A real scream

23-08-04, 17:21

24-08-04, 03:40
That is crazy. I bet they will try to sell it at some online auction lol

24-08-04, 04:01
Don't tell anyone, but we thought it would fit nicely behind our JREF CEO chair. :D

24-08-04, 04:08
Man, I always liked that painting!
I wonder how those armed men broke through the security system.

24-08-04, 04:51
security system?
you mean the advanced tricky-to-get-it-off nail it was hanging on?

they just barged in and took it XD

They won't be able to sell it... you just can't sell a piece like that..

they could however ransom them back to the museum
"a million or we torch em!"

It's not like those paintings were insured either =/
where would a little norweigan museum find the money to insure paintings worth that much?

24-08-04, 07:25
Yeah the "string attached to nail *mark III" security system is the best they could afford... what were they thinking!?
If the paintings were insured, then I could understand the pathetic security in the museum.. If they could just barge in there and take it off the wall, excuse the language but WTF ! lol

24-08-04, 07:37
time to get the Abunai Deka duo out on the case to catch those that Run and Hide! :D