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12-09-04, 20:17
Afterlife Telgrams offers to send greetings from the living to the dead.
At the website http://www.afterlifetelegrams.com

Paul Kinsella’s weird firm has been authorised by the state of Illinois, and to qualify for a position as a heavenly messenger, the person has to be terminally ill. So, no high schoool diploma or college degree is required for the position.

The idea is that the heavenly messenger should know the different messages in the telegrams by heart while they are still alive, and pass the telegrams on to the real recipient in the afterlife.
However, there is a problem with this writes the company, as reincarnation can be a problem, if the messenger searches for the recipient in the afterlife, and that particular recipient has “moved on” to another life.
Moreover, if the messenger does not end up in the same place as the recipient e.g. heaven and hell are two different places.

This service costs 5$ a word, and the messenger decides what the money should be spent on; e.g. hospital bills, charity etc..

Kinsella, the owner, says that he does not profit from this personally, as he uses the website to market his satirical drawings.

This is very weird, and I really can’t believe that there may be some people falling for this. When I first heard about it, I thought it was a joke. :D

12-09-04, 20:47
... talk about expensive: 5 bucks a word?... does that include and, or, it???
too expensive for me right now... ill check back in 25 years and see whether their business has flourished or not... :D

12-09-04, 20:58
Yes, I agree, 5$ a word is rather expensive....It should instead be a FREE spiritual service... :D

Maybe the charge will be cheaper someday, as somewhere it said that it was 10$ first, and now the charge is only 5$... :D