View Full Version : Mushroom cloud over N. Korea

12-09-04, 21:16
Has anyone seen this?

All I have to say is "Holy Crap!" If it was a Nuclear Test, that is a mighty big one, and very scary! If something else happened, I wonder what it is, and in how populated of an area?

King of Tokyo
12-09-04, 21:36
I don't have a good feeling about this news. Wish they had video though, I want to see it.

13-09-04, 00:17
Wow, what a coinsidence this could be eh? I wouldn't doubt it was a nuclear explosion.

King of Tokyo
13-09-04, 00:28
Mmmhmm.. Is it just pure coincidence that it is North Korea? I don't know about that... Like I said, I don't have a good feeling about this.

I'm now a Blue Belt.. How much do I rule..

13-09-04, 12:11
im pretty sure that agencies around the world can meassure the extra radiation that a nuclear blast creates and if there was a mushroom cloud from a nuce, there would have to be radiation chart spikes somewhere... at least in china or south korea...

maybe it was like a big metiorite or something??? :D

13-09-04, 16:15
Hmm, maybe another Tunguska (http://www.usm.maine.edu/~planet/tung.html) ? Just seems like a coincidence it is N. Korea.

14-09-04, 00:56
Turns out it was just the demolition of a mountain (http://www.iht.com/articles/538598.html) to make way for a hydroelectric dam.

Whew! :relief:

King of Tokyo
14-09-04, 00:59
Ok.. That sounds alright.. Heh.. Let's hope it was just that.. And not just a cover up :okashii: :? Heh

14-09-04, 20:55
And not just a cover up :okashii: :? HehSigns of Two Explosions Observed in N. Korea: Source (http://english.yna.co.kr/Engnews/20040912/301100000020040912185508E4.html)
"Earthquake officials in neighboring countries observed signs that appeared to be related to two large explosions around 11 p.m. Wednesday and 1 a.m. Thursday in North Korea's Ryanggang Province," the source said.Now what kind of fool chooses to do a demo job around midnight.

King of Tokyo
14-09-04, 21:33
Signs of Two Explosions Observed in N. Korea: Source (http://english.yna.co.kr/Engnews/20040912/301100000020040912185508E4.html)Now what kind of fool chooses to do a demo job around midnight.

And the plot thickens..


Lina Inverse
15-09-04, 22:16
Signs of Two Explosions Observed in N. Korea: Source (http://english.yna.co.kr/Engnews/20040912/301100000020040912185508E4.html)
Now what kind of fool chooses to do a demo job around midnight.
Very strange indeed :okashii:
<cue Twilight theme>

17-09-04, 21:28
There is a nuclear non proliferation agency (forget the exact name, the people that came up with the whole "countdown to midnight" thing) who has seismic machines all around Asia. Nuclear weapons make a distinct seismic pattern (they say) which would be able to register if a weapon were to be detonated. All of these experts say however, that the explosion from North Korea was not nuclear. Kim Jong Il has even invited foreign diplomats to the country to see for themselves that it wasn't a nuclear explosion. This seems like a close call, but hopefully they are telling the truth.

10-10-04, 00:09
It could be both. America did develop small nuclear explosives for purposes of performing large excavations. Maybe that's what North Korea's doing now. I doubt that for some reason though.

sgt. Pepper
06-11-04, 03:20
Hmmm...not fun for the countries near NK. I'm glad i live far away from all fighting...not said that i'm not concerned about other countries.

11-11-04, 07:26
It's all still quite fishy. If true its the largest public works project I've ever heard of. Mountain in the way? Blow it up! ;-)