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02-02-05, 06:27
BBC News : Police officer probes own robbery (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/4227259.stm)

A Swedish police officer robbed a bank - then returned a short while later to lead the hunt for the culprit.
The 36-year-old admitted to a charge of robbery and acquiring a car by making threats during a closed court hearing.

According to Swedish radio, he led a police investigation into the robbery that led to a raid on a flat and the arrest and remand of two people.

Colleagues became suspicious after he bought a new car using banknotes from the robbery, the court said.
Swedish radio Ekot said he is also accused of gross dereliction of duty for then leading the police investigation into the robbery.
His defence solicitor, KG Myhrberg was quoted by Ekot as saying his client was "deeply regretful" and did not know why he carried out the robbery.

"He is disconsolate about what he did, both in relation to his family and to others who are affected by the robbery," he said. "He cannot give any reasonable explanation for it."

Could that be a case of dual personality, when one hidden evil side takes control of the person's body and the victim does not remember why he did it ?

02-02-05, 19:34
I bet if all went well he still would be regretfull !! Why is it when something goes wrong people become cowards and try to evade their punishment? :okashii:

02-02-05, 21:06
Could that be a case of dual personality, when one hidden evil side takes control of the person's body and the victim does not remember why he did it ?Tempting hypothesis. DPS could have got him off on grounds of insanity; but he admitted to the fact implying clear memory. Then was it the good side that took control? That does not explain this strange case either. Selective memory is not one of DP symptoms. How about absence of personality?

Even more bewildering is the clueless report; no details on destruction of evidence, fabricating false evidence, or the release of the wrongly accused. Perhaps the news agencies suffer from the same disease?

04-02-05, 23:01
Sounds like the policeman really had a dual personality....and a very creative mind. :D :D

05-02-05, 09:50
I think this case reflects a well known plot in numerous detective stories. I remember watching some Columbo episodes where the perp. feigns innocence by acting out in a predictable manner expected of such. It's really not that funny, because I think a lot of kids lie to shift the blame on somebody else. Coming to think of it, it's not limited to children, either. Adults who do that regularly would be chronic, pathological liars.

Also the strong desire to see one's scene of crime is well known. This guy was just lucky (*_*) to have gov. backing in his 'reverse-investigation.' I'm sure the evidence got a good shaking...

This guy may be really sick, the sickness of immaturity....or reamaining childish in an unhealthy fashion. But not Multiple Personality or Dual Personality; such things don't exist......except in US courts......

sgt. Pepper
13-03-05, 05:17
There is two possibilities.

One is that he really has a split personality, and the other is that he needed money, and robbed a bank. Then he reported the robbery and led the investigation because no one would expect the guy in charge of being the one who did it. But after he screwed up and got caught, he now tries to seem mentally unstable so that his sentence becomes even wussier than Swedens regular sentences.

Mijajlo Mijajlovic (i don't know how that is spelled) tried the same, but i don't think (and hope it didn't) it worked for him.

But maybe the second explanation is a little far-fetched...

15-03-05, 12:40
go go GO, Swedish policeman!!!! :lol: