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mad pierrot
09-02-05, 16:11

I must say, if I won the lottery I'd probably throw some money at this.

Auction To Name Monkey Species
3:46 pm PST, 8 February 2005

A charity auction will be held for the rights to name a new monkey species found in an exotic South American national park, NPR.org reports.
Field biologist Robert Wallace and a team of researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society discovered the new species in Bolivia's Madidi National Park.
Dr Wallace said the auction will raise money to protect the park from threats including illegal settlements and unsustainable resource extraction.
All funds generated from the naming of the brown-and-orange monkey will go to Bolivia's park service for better enforcement, protection and management of Madidi and its wildlife.

I think I'd name it "Joe."


09-02-05, 18:11
I think the only monkeys are the ones who come up with the idea raising money for it !! :silly: :banghead: