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10-02-05, 07:40
Here is a little self-evaluation which I have created myself based on my understanding of the listed languages and the culture/mentality associated with each of them. Please read the description an choose the one that fits you best. The languages matching each description are hidden at the bottom of the page (select all with the mouse to read).

1. You are extroverted and sociable and feel a strong need to be with your friends or family as much as you can. You can't stop talking because you just love it. You are wary of strangers, but don't let it appear too much. You have strong opinions and an overflowing imagination, so that it is not always easy for you to respect authority.

2. You are very rational and picky when it comes to nuances in vocabulary or subtle grammatical mistakes. You are sometimes a bit too critical or quick to judge other people. You have a high self-esteem but do your best to look cool and friendly with people you care about. It is difficult for you to just say things simply, as you like thinking about an elaborate way of expressing even the most banal feelings.

3. You are a quite emotional person (you cry or get surprised easily) and like talking about how you feel and what you like and dislike. You are polite and helpful, but feel insecure and are easily worried about small things and what people think of you. You have a fondness for cuteness and can be seen as a bit naive at times.

4. You have a pretty relaxed approach to life and this combined to your down-to-earth logic make you appear very self-controlled. You are analytical and like making full use of your language's nuances when you deem it necessary. You feel that the way a person speaks is the best clue to understand who they really are. You are very independent-minded and don't care much about what strangers think of you. Sometimes people find you original or eccentric for this excessive free-thinking.

5. You are unpretentious and don't like showing off, although you are quite confident of your own value. You don't like excessive display of emotions or eccentricity. You are very down-to-earth and quite respectful of others, even when you don't agree with their ideas. You tend to be quiet, methodical, thourough and careful in your dealing with people. You favour discretion and "traditional good taste".

6. You like being surrounded by others, but are not always a good communicator because of your high self-esteem. You are always looking for a way of making you look good, or at least honourable. You feel insecure but hate to admit it and try to not let it transpire. You are seen as warm and friendly, but can also be aloof or somber at times.

7. You are extroverted and outspoken, but also very superstitious and emotional. You like meeting people and making new friends. You are very matter-of-factly and don't care much about little nuances in language as long as you can communicate effectively. You are influenceable and care a lot about your image and standing in society.

8. You are relaxed, friendly, sociable and self-controlled. You like talking but not necessarily about yourself, as you are quite reserved. You have a disposition for philosophical thinking and fatalism and greet life wit a smile even in the harshest circumstances. You are not a worrier, but prefer thinking or talking to physical activities.

9. You like things to be organised and clear. You are rational, methodical, patient and prefer proved and tested ways to new and risky ones. You like to know your stuff in the slightest detail, and use technical jargon to talk about it. You often feel uneasy, in which case you search for well-established marks. You are friendly but dislike excessive display of emotions.

4.British English
9. German

mad pierrot
10-02-05, 08:47
Wow! Hindi is the language for me!

10-02-05, 09:18
Wow, this is a tough test you created here. I'm having a hard time identifying my favorite language according to your description. All I can think of is my tendency to "avoid excessive display of emotions," which might lead me in the direction of 5. Dutch or 9. German, but I also find myself breaking this tendency quite often.

I'm also a bit too "critical of / and quick to judge others" which might make me to prefer 2. French and dislike 7. Chinese, but I also break this pattern; in fact I like both French and Chinese, possibly because of the people who spoke and wrote in these languages.

I got Arabic or Hebrew in Lina's test, so I guess I'm just too difficult to decide on language matters, and that probably explains my predisposition to dabble in different languages. I just haven't fulfilled my destiny. This last fatalistic aspect might also be telling me that I should also look towards Hindi at some point.

Interesting test, Maciamo. I'm curious what kind of mind can create a test of such complexity and organization. The late Aristoteles might have written something of this encyclopaeidc nature in his Physica; The natural tendencies of the Barbarians and the Classification of the Aboriginal Temperaments reflected in their Barbarous Speeches. Perhaps you found some unknown manuscript stashed away in some ancient temple in India?

10-02-05, 09:19
I have no preference. I always mix languages. That makes me bipolar?, schizophrenic?


Lina Inverse
13-02-05, 00:58
Hmm, let's see - I'd say 4. fits clearly the best.
Of the others, 9. isn't half bad either.
Let's see, that would be...

British English and German! :D
Wow, that's very interesting indeed... didn't know I'm typical British. God shave the Queen! :D

15-02-05, 15:59
I can identify myself with all of those paragraphs. I'm I schizophrenic?

15-02-05, 18:13
Seems I am british (No surprise there) with a dash of dutch and german.
Definitely analytical, worked in a lab for six years, and don't really mind what people think of me. The dutch part of me seems to be the respect for people views and the german is the technical part. I enjoy books on quantum psysics and history, in other words I like facts.

15-02-05, 21:38
I got Japanese... o_o I don't know if I'm very polite (I hope I am! ^^; ) but I certainly do worry about what people think of me.

16-02-05, 02:10
British and half French.
I'm not good at expressing feelings though. My mum thinks i'm kinda dead inside...

16-02-05, 07:21
Aparently I'm Japanese and Dutch for languages. Hmm, interesting combo.


18-02-05, 05:58
British, and a bit of dutch and hindi (didnt fit the personalities of 5. and 8. too well). This test is potentially dangerous as it can make you stray from learning japanese :o :p

18-02-05, 06:30
Aparently I'm Japanese and Dutch for languages. Hmm, interesting combo.

DocIncidentally they were the first to make contact in Japanese history. But this is bad science...superstitious that is. :p

18-02-05, 10:16
I can identify myself with all of those paragraphs. I'm I schizophrenic?I don't usually do this, but just this once.
Okay, let me feel my fingers through the folds in your cerebrual layers.....
Hmmm...I..see..some..thing..your..fu..ture..you..w ill..go..to..an..exotic..place..and..meet..ma..ny. .peo..ple..
What..else..do..see..you..are..not..on..ly..schizo ..phrenic..but..you..are..destined..to ..save..
the..whales..in..fact..you..are..diag..nosed..with ..multi..polar..*****..damn..I..can't..make..out.. the letters
but..you..are..very..imaginative..and..compassiona te..and..you..will..become..a..veget..able..no..ar ian..in..your..next..life........
Sorry that's as far as I can read. Lost connection, but you phrenological profile looks both unique but normal. I suggest you eat lots of green vegetables and colored ones just so you can become more whole in your next life!

18-02-05, 14:58
I feel all warm inside now...

20-02-05, 11:24
British English?

I daresay this test is in error... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v294/ReikuHiteruo/Emoticons/LolLolLolLol.gif

23-03-05, 16:08
The one that I closely resembled was Italian. Hmmm, time to study a bit of Italian!

23-03-05, 16:15
i got it spot on, number 7 Chinese.

Jungle Boy
23-03-05, 23:54
I got #4 wich is English. But in all honesty I hate speaking English and want desparatly to learn Japanese and German so I can speak either one of those in it's place. Wierd.

26-03-05, 01:37
japanese and dutch as well -.-

Ma Cherie
26-03-05, 01:40
I'm German and Hindi. :souka:

Dutch Baka
26-03-05, 02:38
i got 3 and 5, i geuss that is perfect match... :relief:

no german haha :blush:

sgt. Pepper
28-03-05, 01:25
Spanish or German fits me equally good, according to the test. :)

Good thing i'm learning German then.

20-04-05, 00:00
I'm 100% French but i can't stand that language - for me its sounds so funny :P
I prefer German, but i'm not "german" at all :(

20-04-05, 00:30
Dutch, British Enlish, Japanese and Italian all worked for me... So since Dutch is the only one I'm not learning... I'll think about it

20-04-05, 06:56
I think it's chinese and japanese. Nice personality evaluation chart there, Maciamo.

Sensuikan San
21-04-05, 06:12
Oh my Gawd !

I came out - British English !

....Quite disappointed ! ... but it figures !


27-04-05, 20:10
I think mine was chinese and japanese it's a cool and calm peresonality also I am kind of japan and china crazy=)

29-04-05, 18:09
If a mix of the languages is possible I would be a mix of French and German (2,9). But if that is not allowed, I would pick French because the discription is closer to my personality.

French, just like the description, is relatively more technical and is incorrect even with the slightest grammatical error. Everything has to be so perfect in the French language haha.....

Verb conjugation.......ugh!


30-04-05, 23:09
I'm learning Swedish in addition to Japanese, where does that place me?

Sensuikan San
02-05-05, 03:37
If a mix of the languages is possible I would be a mix of French and German (2,9). But if that is not allowed............


With that mix..... you may have a little problem ..... ! You could be English ... ! :biggrin:

03-05-05, 08:35
With that mix..... you may have a little problem ..... ! You could be English ... ! :biggrin:


Well let me be English then!


sgt. Pepper
05-05-05, 01:57
I'm learning Swedish in addition to Japanese, where does that place me?

On the winning side when Sweden takes over the world! Who's with me!

EDIT: I'm sorry, i'm tired... :sleep:

06-05-05, 23:59
Er... Whats wrong with being English :(

The ones that seamed to fit me the most where English (who would og guessed) and French (that suprised me), I gave up french as I did not really like the culture or language (lol but we're both ment to hate each other so I guess thats why!). No offence because I'm just being general and have had many a good holiday to France, and met some nice French people!

Yo! HomicidalMouse like your av, Versus rules cant wait for Versus 2!

07-05-05, 00:25
Who's naive? Me? ..... OK, OK, so I did get 3. I'm naive, and yes, I worry what people think of me, and try to be helpful. (But 7 was also a good match for me) Time to study (even more) japanese! *clenches fists and gets sparkly eyes* Gambatte!

16-05-05, 17:27
im russian, (est` tut kto nibud` russkij?) esli est` otvet`te pozhalusta

16-05-05, 18:28
I got Japanese and French...and I actually know and learned French and Japanese! O_Olll Freaky!!!

17-07-05, 22:14
yay japanese fits me best! :-)

all my friends would say that was like a perfect description for me ^^;

18-07-05, 12:50
Bonjour mes amis! I got 2, Francais. When I read the description it sounded like me, but I also guessed it would be French. I have a GCSE in French, but that's it!

24-07-05, 18:01
Gee! Your personality descriptions are very close to Myers-Briggs personality descriptions. I never thought of an MBTI personality type prefering a specific language. I guess that could be the case. I am rather global and broad minded in my thinking, and I fit number 3. So I guess I should learn Japanese. The number 3 fits what is called an INFP (which is what my type is in Myers-Briggs). Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving, type. That simply means that I am introverted, and abstract, global thinker, oriented towords people values, and prefer living a flexible, spontanious lifestyle. That is a very, very brief surface description. There is so much more to Myers-Briggs than that. But, kudos on fitting a language with a type. That's fun! :-)

ifeoma nzeadighibe
04-09-05, 04:54
wow, I am a japanese and British english lady. Funny, I came from Nigeria (raised by a british colony) and I learned british english. I am also learning Japanese. Kawaii! :romance:

I love soccer!!!!!!!!!! :football:

04-09-05, 06:35
I got german :dunce:

05-09-05, 11:31
Wow - I got Italian and British English! It surprised me... I was expecting to get French as that is the language (and culture) where I feel the most comfortable... I'm pretty happy with my results, though. :-)

28-10-05, 00:20
I'm Japanese and Italian..0.o

07-12-05, 12:51
# 1 suits me the most (Italian) ^_^ i love being w/ my family & friends.. but i dont like talking all that much unless it's a good topic! :-)

07-12-05, 23:29
Hmm.. cool. I'm 3, 6, and 7. So Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese for me! I can speak 2 of those 3(not really interested in Spanish...).

24-12-05, 20:11
well, geez, I am advised British English!
wow, but, I already speak that.

then I am advised French, which I detest.
Then I'm told Japanese isn't for me!

20-03-06, 16:30
Nyan i got 3 japanese. . . .>.< Wasn't expecting that. . .Kewl I like this test=^-^=

22-03-06, 08:51
I got 5.Dutch and 2.French. and I am a little 3.Japanese and 4.British.

07-04-06, 12:02
looks like i'm Japanese and German combo :relief:

Elizabeth van Kampen
07-04-06, 13:50
Holland is such a small country one has to learn foreign languages at highschool, English, French and German and today also many schools give Spanish as well. Since I didn't grow up in Holland but in Indonesia, I automacticily learnt Malay, today Bahasa Indonesia.

The most beautiful language to me is French, it is very expressive, I also love reading French books and magazines. And luckily I can watch four French TV stations.
Dutch? I can very well understand that lots of foreigners have big problems with the Dutch language, it not easy at all.

Languages are very important, it is the best way to try to understand each other, although...sometimes a big smile can tell you a lot.

07-04-06, 17:41
I got 2 and 3 which is French and Japanese. :47: :nihonjin:

I have spent sometime learning Japanese in the past but I didn't get up the advance level and I have forgotten a lot of the Japanese language I learnt.

Now I am learning French.:wave:

07-05-06, 13:53
‚β‚Α‚Ο‚θ :relief: i was Japanese :cool: although... i AM happy with this :bluush: i think my second choice would be 5, which is Dutch??? :o hm... interesting...


08-05-06, 19:55
This test is a FAKE!!:-)

09-05-06, 02:07
Hindi seems to fit me best. Dutch and British English tie for second spot.

09-05-06, 07:29
Italian and French!!! OMG!!! >.< ... The most hatted languages for me... ^^
I have something from everyone, but all the things from the first 2 *screams*

Lady Blue
10-05-06, 02:07
Spanish?? No way...
French??????????? Hell nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe I got the 2 languages I hate the most! Even if spanish is my mothertonge.
Am I doomed to live trap in here?

21-01-07, 12:14
Nice test. My language seems to be Italian :) which I don't mind. Only I also like Spanish a lot, that's why I'm learning it now. So I should learn Italian afterwards hehe.:-)

21-01-07, 12:17
Languages are very important, it is the best way to try to understand each other, although...sometimes a big smile can tell you a lot.

I agree. Languages are extremely important. And it's always nice to be able to talk with someone in their own language. I think this shows respect and openness :-)

17-12-09, 13:56
Maybe I should start learnig Germany ?

Semitic Duwa
05-03-10, 22:19
Brit and German:cool-v:

25-03-10, 20:47
German fits very good to me and I'm a German.

Cambrius (The Red)
25-03-10, 21:39
My main language is English. I also use Spanish, French and Portuguese.

05-05-10, 13:39
Instead of German, I am a real mixture of all!!! Ouch!

Cambrius (The Red)
05-05-10, 13:47
Instead of German, I am a real mixture of all!!! Ouch!

A mixture of ALL languages?

^ lynx ^
06-05-10, 20:36
I would love to learn basque. Phonetically it is quite easy for a spanish-speaker. But it is difficult to find a center which teaches it.

24-01-11, 17:41
A mix of French and Italian.

24-01-11, 20:53
I have read the test, and according to that, the languages that best fit me are British English and German.

However I don't recognize the way Dutch is portrayed at all..

My native language is Dutch, and I also speak English, German and French.
Although German and French have eroded a bit through time ;)

25-01-11, 17:38
japanese and dutch

23-03-11, 12:53
I fit mostly with Italian (I think it's not casual =P).

But I have something of Spanish and French too. I'm Latin, definitely. xD

22-08-11, 03:12
I am nuber 1.

18-01-12, 16:01

I like both

26-02-12, 17:43

26-02-12, 23:35
Hindi and German.

26-02-12, 23:39
If I could be a telepath, and exhausted I can hardly speak.

Monsieur Ennui
03-08-12, 03:05
In order of most like me to least:

British English

This is a very interesting quiz. Thank you for sharing!

23-06-13, 04:50
1. Chinese 2. Russian

23-06-13, 12:32
No need to test:

Catalan :)

27-06-13, 10:58
British English and Hindi for me.

24-01-14, 19:52
For my family roots and education...French and Italian... That I do speak perfectly but also English...

I like also to speak Spanish...and I want to learn Portuguese and Romanian

I also speak a medium level of German but I need to improve it...German is really difficult...

So lets say French, Italian, English

24-01-14, 20:10
English with an australian slant

Veneto-italiano ( ie..basso-padano ) but can read venetian perfectly.

have spoken with cousin in toulouse france ( does not speak english at all ), he using occitan and me venetian .............roughly 70-80% similar .....we eventually understand each other ( verbal and written form )

Florin C
25-01-14, 08:30
and I want to learn (...) and Romanian

Now, why in the world would you want that ? Too much time to spare ?

ON TOPIC: If I was to choose any other language than my own, that would be English (although I speak also very well French, and I have a great respect for German). In Romania we're not used to dubbing movies, documentaries or any other foreign speaking TV programme (the're all subtitled) and 90% to pretty all of them are in English, and that since well before communism fell.

English has proven to be a very concise, upfront and useful language, so that learning any other one if you strictly don't have to (you don't live, or you don't work with that language) seems like a big waste of time to me. In my view of a global world, if all the peoples on this planet learned just this other language, we would be able to understand each other and still preserve national languages and cultures.

Because this is the big β€žfear”, of instituting a second official language in single language countries: losing their culture and identity, like these are depending only on the language. Actually, they're not. Any cultural feature is preserved if the bearers of that feature deem it is worth preserving. If Vietnam natives will think that hamburgers are better than whatever traditional meat dishes they're having, then they will switch to that no matter what language they speak.

25-01-14, 09:52
Any cultural feature is preserved if the bearers of that feature deem it is worth preserving.
I think it should be framed as one of cultural principles.

22-03-15, 01:37
Wow ! British English.

27-05-15, 00:41
The best thing for me would be telepathy, but as part of time impossible, for my personality the best language is one that does not require much involvement and accent, I almost do not need to move the tongue or lips. I like languages derived from Latin that are of major European nations, the other languages derived from Latin regions is appalling ear.

27-05-15, 17:31
According to description I am German, but without aversion to new ways or methods. I am actually one of the first to suggest new more efficient way to doing something and am not afraid to Risk test it out

- with carefully limiting exposure at Risk first :D

But I am not a fan of German language, too much of h sound. Latvian and Estonian are languages for my ears, also Italian.

03-09-15, 07:11
I like languages that are spoken with a light tongue as opposed to those that are what I call heavy. In English, as an example, the consonants l and r are spoken with a heavy tongue. Those who speak Spanish likely know what I mean. European French is also melodic but some sounds in the east European, as well as Portuguese and Romanian are quite difficult to enjoy hearing. Arabic is an interesting language as it has preserved so many of the ancient phonetics or phonology - I'm unsure of which term is correct. Today's Hebrew seems to have lost a great deal of the ancient Aramaic so I tend to think of it as being what it is - an invented language with a degree of Germanic influence. It's a shame that so much of modern Hebrew has lost the wide ranges and variations of all the consonants and vowels.

01-08-16, 14:25
British English!

31-08-16, 21:34
Arabic: brief and regular

06-09-16, 20:35
number 7 for sure

like Trump

02-03-18, 21:55
Catalan, English.

09-03-18, 01:19
1. Russian, 2. Gypsy.

"Roudiy, Ratya" - dark red
"Kalyony" - moonlighted
"Volya" - field, valley...

16-03-18, 09:38
Oh my 2....makes sense for so many reasons that I cannot simply articulate... hehe