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11-02-05, 19:19
Introducing America to Bollywood:

Bride and Prejudice report (4:30)

Take an Indian Bollywood musical, cross it with the English novel, Pride and Prejudice,...and you get "Bride and Prejudice"...the latest film from the director of "Bend It Like Beckham." Reporter Beth Accomando takes us to the movies and talks to the director.

http://www.theworld.org/content/02104.wma <-- listen

Scientists see signs of first extrasolar planet:


What Defines a Planet?

Astronomers have been racing to take the first photo of a planet beyond our solar system, and they may have finally done it. But whether other scientists accept this as the first planet ever caught on camera depends a lot on how they define the word "planet." A precise definition remains elusive.

12-02-05, 02:19
I have seen a few Bollywood movies, but my favourite is definitelt Devdas (http://devdas.indiatimes.com/), with Aishwarya Rai (her best movie).

13-02-05, 02:42
I have also seen few Bollywood films, and it is quite entertaining (and funny) to watch. I especially like the cheerful atmosphere they always seem to have....hehe.:D :-)