View Full Version : Whose humour do you like?

15-02-05, 23:19
Don't know if this can be done as a poll?
What I would like to know is which nationality has the best sense of humour in the world? Some say the American humour is good because of the brashness of it, British because of the sarcastic irony (Or just Monty Python), Jewish with it's fatalist humour, or German-with no Humour at all unless we have been told it is funny (No offence, honest)
I know it's a stange place to post this thread under serious discussions, but hell with it.

'Two fish in a tank and one turns to the other and says, "Do you now how to drive this?"'

15-02-05, 23:30
I prefer dark humor myself. (death, blood, etc.) I wonder where that would go under.


16-02-05, 12:57
'Two fish in a tank and one turns to the other and says, "Do you now how to drive this?"'

:-) funny that one :D I should use it on my fish sites.

I don't have a very distinct preference. I guess I just enjoy "good" humor ;)

16-02-05, 15:17
British. :P

American humour I find extremly hit-and-miss, the biggest names in American stand-up today for example are just plain embarassing, not funny at all, though they have had some absolutely brialliant comedy throughout the years, superior land-mass y'see. ;) They do good spoofs and slapstick stuff.

Germans I think tend to just act really silly on stage, it's not somethng you can get away with usually in public, so thats probably why its funny to them.

Australian's just like saying really innapropriate things, they have got alot of bottle.

The Irish and Scotish of course are home to some legendary stand-up acts but can you name a great scot or irish FILM? Nope. Not of the top of my head.

I don't know about Japanese stand-up, but the film style comedy, the slapstick and over acted stuff they do can be incredibly funny, and it's usually centred around someone getting hurt. :D

19-02-05, 01:13
British. Definitely. ^^

I had a boyfriend who was from Hong Kong and he could laugh endlessly over really disgusting stuff (people getting hurt, body excrements and so on) and I just couldn't understand why exactly did he find it funny. Later on someone told me that Asians think this kind of stuff funny... But I don't know if it's true. Maybe his sense of humour was just really weird xD

I've always hated those American cartoons where they chase and whack each other to death or have some annoying little critter that drives the main character crazy. They annoy me more than amuse ;P