View Full Version : US Woman shows her breasts to zoo gorilla, get fired and seek $1m in compensation

20-02-05, 07:53
BBC News : 'Gorilla breast fetish' women sue (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4280961.stm)

Two women sacked from their jobs caring for a gorilla in the US have sued their ex-employer for allegedly ordering them to show the animal their breasts.
Nancy Alperin and Kendra Keller claim they were told to show their nipples to the gorilla, Koko, as a way of bonding.
Ms Alperin and Ms Keller are seeking more than $1m (£528,000) in damages for alleged sexual discrimination, wrongful dismissal after reporting health and safety violations and outstanding overtime pay.

The gorilla is said to use a sign language of 1,000 gestures to communicate with humans and can understand 2,000 words of spoken English.

Wah, that better than a Junior High level in Japan. :sorry:

I already knew that the most gifted gorilla could have IQ's of up ti 75, that is higher than a small percentage of the human population.

20-02-05, 22:44
They're suing because they were told to show their breasts to a gorilla? :okashii: Sounds like they're just looking for any excuse to get some money. That doesn't really sound like sexual discrimination. It might have been if their boss had ordered them to show HIM their breasts. But if that's how gorillas bond, then it kind of makes sense.

30-08-05, 11:29
This is exciting information ! 2,000 words ! If only they can speak their minds, maybe the undue, indecent exposure demanded by the supervisor could have been prevented. Koko could have said when he really needed the bonding, "Need to see, need to see !" with a speaking peripheral.

One question; if gorillas bond with the care giver through seeing the nipple,

1) Are male gorilla care givers disadvantaged ? Then it would make sense if a male prospective-employee were not given a chance to show his breats to the gorillas; then it could be considered sexual discrimination.

2) Why weren't the two ladies given the information in training before they were employed at the Zoo ?

I suspect the wording was "harassment," not "discrimination." :?

31-08-05, 01:02
What the article fails to mention is that Koko was, in fact, the ex-employer's old college roommate dressed up in a gorilla suit.

31-08-05, 01:05
Good point; that would more than explain the 2,000 vocab with an IQ of 75 ! :evil:

edit: ... plus the fact that the ladies were offended by "Koko" ogling onto their nipples. It had to be a human behind the thin facade of a gorilla for it to offend ! :shock:

Mars Man
31-08-05, 03:50
Hey !! Thanks guys !! I just kind of got this sudden brainstorming... I'm gonna go out and buy a gorilla suit !! I wonder how many I'll get to see?

But really, I couldn't quite get the real story. First of all, in America, there is this archaic, unrealistic nonsense, that the human body is to be hidden and not seen except for just that person...so to speak. That's why the big deal with the half-time show. It's crazy. Then, why were they fired? Is it because they actually exposed their breast--which is NO big deal anyway--or is it because of public pressure? Or just what? I wonder. :?