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02-03-05, 20:40
really sucks to be a muslim woman in Germany:

02-03-05, 21:01
We've had a few of those murders in Sweden too.

them muslims are crazy I tells you.

One in particular is supposed to be remebered, got all sorts of things named after her and so forth.. I think her name was fadida or something... I don't remember... I really just shake my head and go "crazy bastards" at stuff like that.

02-03-05, 23:28
there's really nothing wrong with muslims and you should be careful before you accuse the whole muslim society of being messed up...
Some muslim people are very very conservative and strict, and people rooted deeply in some belief can become... crazy. Those murders are horrible and sick, and I hate the muslim men who did it, but you cannot accuse all the muslims of being "crazy"...
Besides, all religions in the world has these conservative, sick bastards who think they're doing the right thing in the "name of God". There was a big big murder mystery in Sweden recently, where a christian priest forced his childrens babysitter to kill his both wives... (You should know if you're swedish..) They were crazy people, and they were christian...
This has little to do with religion and a lot to do about human psyche (sp?)
Don't worry, I'm not mad OR in any way religious.
I believe in anime and nothing else, hehe. :shock:

Ma Cherie
03-03-05, 00:18
This is really messed up, this gives Islam and other religions a bad name. I'm really confused about Islam right now. I know the headscarves are worn to protect the woman from becoming a sex object, it's not oppression. But then, you hear things like these honor killings, you can see how Islam or any other religion has been misused. I believe that is what's happening in religion today. What I mean is, religion is being used to justify certain actions. And that simply isn't right.

03-03-05, 02:22
It's not just now-religion has been used as justification for violence and attrocities for ages. Remember the Crusades in Europe, or the Spanish Inquisition?

Religion, or more specifically religious groups, are indeed a powerful tool for subversion, manipulation, propoganda and thought control.

I think by saying "those muslims", TwistedMac was refering to that subset of muslims who do crazy things, right?

03-03-05, 02:41
Let me just state briefly that "honour killings" are not based on or condoned by Islam. They usually stem from traditions, misinterpretation of Muslim teachings and the warped concept of linking a family's repute to the behaviour of its female members (a very male concept of domination).

The sad thing is that in many Islamic countries courts view pleas of honour as a legitimate defense and often acquit the brother/father/cousin who "saved the family's honour".

03-03-05, 14:33
yeah, well. Them christians are crazy I tells you.

03-03-05, 17:30
I don't think I said that all muslims are messed up, or that other religions have less problems, or that this has not gone on before, but for those living in Germany with the particular background as the women in the article, I merely said, that would really suck.

but then what do I know? :?