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04-03-05, 07:42
Here is a summary of the aptitudes from the Johnson OfConnor Aptitude Testing Program (http://members.aol.com/jocrf19/). Which of them best suit you ? Usual people have 4 or 5 dominant ones. People with more than that may be diagnosed as TMA ("too many aptitudes") (http://www.polymath-systems.com/intel/hiqsocs/megasoc/noes138/aptitude.html), which is not always a good thing.

Graphoria: Clerical ability, or adeptness at paperwork and dealing with figures and symbols. Useful in accounting, banking, bookkeeping, insurance, and secretarial work.

Color Perception and Color Discrimination: The ability to distinguish red-green colors; the ability to distinguish fine variations in color. Useful in the productions of paints and fabrics, interior decoration, and the visual arts.

Ideaphoria: The ability to rapidly produce a flow of ideas. Useful in sales, journalism, advertising, and teaching.

Inductive Reasoning: The ability to reason from the particular to the general, to form a logical conclusion from scattered facts. Useful in research, psychology, and diagnostic medicine.

Analytical Reasoning: The ability to organize concepts or to arrange ideas in logical sequence. Useful in editing and computer programming.

Numerical aptitudes: The ability to use numerical information in solving problems and to perform arithmetic operations. Useful in financial analysis, economics, accounting, and bookkeeping.

Structural Visualization: The ability to visualize the structure of three-dimensional forms. Useful in architecture, engineering, medicine and geology.

Music aptitudes: The abilities to remember rhythms and tone sequences, and to distinguish between fine differences in pitch. Useful in dancing, playing musical instruments, and learning foreign languages.

Memory aptitudes: The abilities to remember two-dimensional designs (useful in photography and architecture) or numbers (useful in remembering phone numbers and addresses); to learn new words (useful in learning vocabulary and foreign languages); to spot and remember visual details (useful in inspection and detective work).

Finger Dexterity: A quickness and accuracy in delicate finger work. Useful for surgeons, file clerks, and factory operations.

Tweezer Dexterity: The ability to work with small tools. Useful in dental hygiene and watchmaking.

Grip: The amount of force that can be applied with the hands. Useful for firefighters and police officers, it seems to reflect nervous energy or drive for active work settings.

Vocabulary: In addition to aptitudes, our program also measures your knowledge of English and mathematics vocabulary. This knowledge of words is crucial to success in higher education.

04-03-05, 08:43
Johnson OfConnor Aptitude Testing Program says, "Learn how knowing about your aptitude pattern can make a difference between happiness and dissatisfaction in your career and life."

I finally learn that I can make watches and be happy, yeah! :-)

04-03-05, 19:31
I can be a pain in the arse, with good artistic abilities. So I can insult you in many varied ways :cool: :wave:

04-03-05, 23:08
Here is a summary of the aptitudes from the Johnson OfConnor Aptitude Testing Program (http://members.aol.com/jocrf19/). Which of them best suit you ? Usual people have 4 or 5 dominant ones. People with more than that may be diagnosed as TMA ("too many aptitudes") (http://www.polymath-systems.com/intel/hiqsocs/megasoc/noes138/aptitude.html), which is not always a good thing.

I have well over five. I'm screwed.:(


05-03-05, 22:47
none for me XD
I'm just a slowpoke who doesn't seem to be fit to anything...

07-03-05, 08:31
i think balance should be in there somewhere...

09-03-05, 05:11
I was surprised to see "grip." :shock::o

24-03-05, 18:31
I had six, which works for me..
These were..

Inductive Reasoning
Analytical Reasoning
Music Aptitudes
Structural Visualization
Memory aptitudes

But I was also slightly surprised to see "Grip" as an aptitude..


24-03-05, 18:56
I can hold my breath under water for 7 minutes.


24-03-05, 19:21
I can hold my breath under water for 7 minutes.

Really.Really ? I used to play that game with a friend. I think we did upto 2'30" or 3', but not underwater. The body knows how to adjust by training, but doesn't it damage the brain cells after 5 minutes without oxygen ?
Anerobic ATP cycles aren't that good for you. Then how did you get so brainy ? You're not kidding, are you ? :?

24-03-05, 19:33
I think ideaphoria, color perception and discrimination and music aptitudes suit me the best. And vocabulary, of course, but I think that was something in addition to the aptitudes...?

Numerical aptitudes are something that I definitely don't have! :blush:

24-03-05, 20:22
Really ? I used to play that game with a friend. I think we did upto 2'30" or 3', but not underwater. The body knows how to adjust by training, but doesn't it damage the brain cells after 5 minutes without oxygen ?
Anerobic ATP cycles aren't that good for you. Then how did you get so brainy ? You're not kidding, are you ? :?

That's actually my best time from a static position (face down in the water). Usually I come in around 6 minutes or so. I haven't done it personally since I was in the swim team in college so I am probably out of practice :-)

But people can hold their breath for a very long time without brain damage of any sort if they practice and have good lung capacity. Generally men are better at this than women are (we tend to have larger lungs and um.. well more blood to hold oxygen), but the womans record is still pretty darn respectable, definately past the 6 minute mark last time I heard.

It just requires some training and technique really, pretty much anyone can do past 4 minutes or so once they master the basics.

Ah here we go, the mens and womens current records for static apnea:

Tom Sietas (Germany) 8'58"
Lotta Ericson (Sweden) 6'31"

Amazing huh?

I used to be able to swim about 100m or so underwater holding my breath and without any fins. I think the record for that is somewhere around 160m or 170m. With fins some guys can swim about 200m or so!

Frank D. White
24-03-05, 23:50
For some reason I've always been good at shooting. Since I hate competition, I just go to a sand-pit and plink away. Not a very useful aptitude, but fun.



25-03-05, 00:26
I do not need to know that badly! Not for $600!

Since the application of my life is pretty much a done-deal, it will benefit me not to find out neither! But for those who have nothing better to do with their money, and who want to know (and to be able to brag about) their previously-unknown-latent-abilities, I suppose this would not be a total waste of time and resources.

I am being pretty harsh about this. Perhaps--even likely--there is a higher purpose to this that I am so lightly glossing with my cynicism. I merely question the whole premise. If so, I ask the forgiveness and forbearance of the Forum for my bad attitude. I do not think it is likely that such "testing" will reveal the presence of a Mozart amongst us, even if he exists, and I do see the potential for harm in all of this ego-flexing that seems to accompany such an evaluation process. But for those of you who think that this is worthy, I cast no aspersion.

I do not see myself as being "gifted" in the usual evaluations. While I have taken IQ and GCT tests over the years, I have never been overly impressed by the results of such testing. Even if/when I was tested and if/when my results were impressive, I refuse to be impressed.

Besides, 500 years from now, when we are all dust, you may be surprised how insignificant the results of our lives have been, let alone the testing. I suspect that many of us see ourselves as being well above the median and are most supportive of such testing when the old ego gets stroked. It would be highly disappointing to learn that the impact we make in history is the same as the hole left in a bucket of water when we remove our hand from the bucket.

Cum recte vivis, ne cures verba malorum.

Sensuikan San
25-03-05, 05:36
I managed to get (an honest ...) 9 on the poll - presumably I'm ... sort of ... psychotic .... ?

Many years ago, I also used to be able to hold my breath (after hyperventilating)for 3' 45" (swimming .. in cool water..) - whilst smoking a pack a day ( although keeping the cigarette going in cool water was damned hard !)

..... I also once ate 5 "Big Macs" with fries ... at one sitting ! (I was ill, later....!)

I've also survived being married to the same lady for 38 years - my greatest accomplishment (and hers !)



03-04-05, 06:38
im the finger dexterity, tinkering, picking nose drawing sculpting fine tweezer stuff idea flow kind of guy :)))

my parents allways smiley because i am so big but draw small pictures or sculpt small things :D

05-04-05, 11:28
Well, I work as a Personnel Clerk for the federal government, so I guess I'm the Graphoria type. Hey! Call me anything you want as long as I get paid every two weeks!

13-04-05, 15:20
far too many aptitudes even to get an interview.
"our courses are for unqualified candidates only"

a sympathy for spiders and cobweb. useful for people with a moth/fly problem.

if rats like you: you are at least not alone.

halloween all day, useful for not getting employed by christs.

add these terms to next cv

26-04-05, 14:34
I got: music, memory, finger dexterity, tweezer dexterity, vocabulary and structural visualisation (primarily), and to a certain extent ideaphoria, analytical reasoning and GRIP!!! (although I think that last might come from playing guitar since I was practically big enough to hold one, lol; I have strong hands :))

Fits in with my general hobbies/likings - art (my professional background, hehe!), making/mending small things, music, and languages. Always had a scarily large vocabulary as a kid, according to my parents, who had to keep something of a tight rein :D

Mike Cash
04-05-05, 10:51
I have recently learned I am famous for posting on the internet.

06-05-05, 03:37
Graphoria - At work, I am always creating some kind of excell speadsheet with great order, and colors to catagorize things.

Color Perception - Well, being a graphics artist and creating many many textures for flight simulations, I believe I have the ability to see 32 bit colors. That's over 75 million colors. Pretty impressive, if I say so myself. Most people see 24 bit colors. Example of one of my works:

Ideaphoria - I'd like to take the "advertizing" area on that. When I was in the military, I always created websites for the units I was in. I could come up with a very awsome website within a matter of hours, with full images created and a simple layout; ready to show the commanding officer.

Analytical Reasoning - Not only do I do graphical art for flight simulations, but I also help in aid, of making add-ons for flight simulations. This includes decompiling executables, DLL's, and Wrappers and then using reverse engineering to create some kind of application for object to be useful with the game of choice. It's so important that one must understand what is going on.

Numerial Aptitudes - Like I said above, I deal with many algorithms that will make your head spin. During my high school year I was always great at math! I manage to take 2 math classes per day once I reached 8th grade. I made it all the way to Calculus, and then joined the military...hehe. And being a geek that I am, I usually bust out a math problem to do on the internet. Just to keep the skills up, when I enter college.

Structural Visiualization - AGAIN....with flight simulations around and creating add-ons for them, I create 3d models too. Here is an example of one I am working on now:
It's mind boggeling to do and takes many hours to complete a near perfect 3d model of the actual aircraft.

Music Aptitudes - Been playing the drums for 5 years now. I'd say I am pretty dam good and definately better than Dave from the "Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies" :p Not...hehe I'm really into the music genre trance, I even have Fruity Loops to create my own beats. I'd say I have a good ear when it comes to music. The reggeaton down here in Honduras is sweeping the nation. I created a few of my own beats, I'd love to share once I complete them.

Finger / Tweezer Dexterity - Before I really got into created 3d models, and graphical art, I created plastic aircraft models. When I joined my first model club (17yrs old), we went to several contest. I won plenty of 1st place awards. As a matter of fact, I think I was the only one in the 17-under catagory to enter WW2 aircraft. So I managed to take sweeps. That's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd...hehe I have been doing that since I was 8! I still have a corner of un built models in the corner and can not wait to start on them again! Non of this could of been possible with out my steady useful and careful left hand of handly some of the small cockpit parts and other minute details that are scratch built. And also the ability create the amazing camoflage mottel schemes of the German Bf-109s. I wish I had some pictures to show. Maybe in the future!

And let me tell you something. I'm having one hell of a trip trying to decide want I want to do as a career. Having all these aptitudes gives me choices that are unbelievable. In the military I was a ground communications techinician, fixing everything from Computers, radios, satcom, to TRC-170s.

I'm telling ya...my possibilities are endless! :souka:

I need to see a career counselor now. :-) Oyasumi!