View Full Version : Teacher sleeps with student and his father

mad pierrot
10-03-05, 14:27
This is just ridiculous.

Local teacher had affair with student and his father (http://www.bocaratonnews.com/index.php?src=news&prid=11025&category=Local%20News)

And the boy was just 11 years old! :bikkuri:

10-03-05, 14:41
While I read the story, I still just can't believe that this happened. The boy was 11! What could she get out of it in the form of enjoyment? I wouldn't be surprised if half of the cases that come out now are false accusations. The sad thing about the US is that everyone is looking for an easy payday, and people jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible and file lawsuits for anything. I'm not saying this one is false, but it wouldn't surprise me! Sounds a little like the father got pissed at her for something and wanted revenge!

11-03-05, 04:32

You scared me! I thought this was happening in Japan! I went "Say, What?!"

Jay Leno has been making jokes about this every night:

"The East Coast was hit with a snow storm today and forced all the schools to close. Kids are now forced to have phone sex with their teachers" :D

"Governor Schwarzenegger is taking all junk food vending machines out of California schools. Obesity problem among kids is getting so bad here, teachers are refusing to have sex with them because they're just too fat!" :D

11-03-05, 04:40
This is stranger than fiction, and it leeps getting better. I wonder what will come next. Teacher cannibalizes student ? :eek: :shock: :D

11-03-05, 06:03
News stories are getting better as they are getting worse.

Ma Cherie
11-03-05, 06:08
What the hell is wrong with people? :okashii: