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19-03-05, 20:40
What about the Hokkaido dialect ? Accoding to the Ramat Ainu link (http://ramat.ram.ne.jp/ainu/outline/area.htm),
In North edge of Japan main island, Aomori, it's said that Ainu language was spoken until 1950's, but now Japanese is spoken. Now, In 1999, Ainu language is little spoken in Hokkaido. That would mean Japanese has taken over where once Ainu was spoken. Is there reason to believe that the current Hokkaido dialect is actually a hybrid language in the sense that Ainu elements have taken a strong foothold in the Japanese spoken there ? To what degree has Ainu penetrated the Japanese spoken on Hokkaido ? What is your opinion ?

RockLee kindly priovided the following list of Hokkaido dialect words collected during the winter of 2004. Their connection to Ainu is to be studied, and your opinions are welcome.
I learned some Hokkaido dialect there, here are some examples :

tired : kowai instead of tsukareta
cute : menkoi instead of kawaii
cold : shakkoi instead of tsumetai
extremely cold : shibareru instead of samui
a little : chobetto instead of sukoshi
nothing : nanmo instead of nanimonai
cow : beko instead of ushi

22-03-05, 02:18

Not much time to be posting here, but my two yen:

The Hokkaido dialect is a mixture of various Japanese dialects brought in by immigrants from the south. The Ainu language is not spoken by the dominant ethnic Japanese at all and is retained only in the names of geographical locations. The statement that the Ainu language was spoken in Hokkaido in the 1950's is erroneous because the language was all but extinct by that time. It existed only in the way native Amerindian languages are retained in North America by the very few native speakers. It is said that "genuine" Ainu speakers no longer exist. I remember seeing a documentary in which a Japanese linguist spent many years with the last "true" native Ainu speaker and recorded the language as it was truly spoken, in addition to the oral traditions of the Ainu.

Here are some links in English that should be of interest to you:
The last one leads to another page showing some Ainu words compared with Japanese.

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Here is another one:
Ainu-English word list: