View Full Version : why oil prices so high???

18-04-05, 15:53
the industrial of development countries rely on oil deeply more than rich countries. high oil prices make their costs rise highly, but the rich countries still join cheaper things and win big profits. especially American government and OPEC countries get too much profits from oil trade.

18-04-05, 16:46
Apparently the price of crude has gone up as well as processing it, resulting in higher costs of oil.

18-04-05, 17:10
it's not possible..

18-04-05, 17:19
it's not possible..
Why? It's no good just saying "It's not possible" and not giving any reasons or details.


06-06-05, 16:26
is the price for gas going up over there too?
here in the states the price of gas keeps rising... wonder if its like this all over the planet