View Full Version : Sports teams not nationalistic?

05-05-05, 01:04
Do you think each country should have his own country's people in the team, or also other country's people?

I personally think the way it is now is not very nationalistic, there are at least 3/4 of the people in a team of foreign nationality.So it's not really your country's people who are playing, but foreigners instead :? How can u say your country has good players and is a good team then ? :souka:

Dutch Baka
05-05-05, 01:47
i think it is fine as it is now,, sometimes it is a bit to much yes, if you look at some clubs like Arsenal ( soccer london) they have i think more then 10 french people in it... like this i dislike.

but it keep levels equal ... i think this is with everything in the world, and not just with clubs. just you should say, how much should be in it...

so its good that the FIFA ( soccer ) want teams to have at least 5-10 players in the team from there own youth, and just 10 foreigners in the club

05-05-05, 22:44
i was having quite the same opinion.
but i see the olympics much more like a "nice" way to war with others, especially when i hear the journalists at the end of each day doing the medal count, the country ranking and so on ...
and while looking at the size of the teams (compare usa to quatar :souka: ), i wonder if a country-independent way of selecting athletes would be more fit. but i guess it'd be much more difficult to organize :blush:

12-08-08, 16:02
whats wrong with a bit of patriotism???? x

13-10-11, 11:08
I like a team which consists players from the same land fights for the nations victory. But, it is not a wrong decision to have players from other countries within the team, if they can work together.

13-10-11, 11:15
The question should rather be whether it is still necessary to have national teams or not ? Nations don't mean anything, and even less in sports if teams are international. Perhaps it is time to get rid of national teams and just create original names for teams, or just give them the name of the city where they are based, like in the USA.