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27-05-05, 21:28
I have seen this subject almost brought up in a couple other threads on the board and so I decided to start a thread specifically about it. Here is the problem: When you are looking at something else, be it a person, or a culture, and they are doing something that seems, to you, to be self defeating, harmfull, or just wrong to themselves or others; do you step in and point out the problem, or should you? Should you try and change the behavior?

This is a question that gets to the fundamentals of many of the social realtionships in our world. Many cultures have practices that others find distasteful (caste systems, sexual submission, self mutilation), or maybe they just aren't behaving the way that others think they should (the reasoning behind much of the colonization of the world was to "civilize" people and somehow validate them because they were backward) or maybe someone is abusing their power and basically causing trouble (Hitler, Pol Pot, Mussolini, Pinchot, Milosovic, maybe Bush or Blair or whomever). But all of these views come from groups, sometimes it is a larger group, sometime it is a small group, when does it become okay to try to force change in something?

Sensuikan San
28-05-05, 21:38
It totally depends on :

Who they are...

What they wanna do ....

Where they are ....

When is it .... ?

Do they have support ?

Do you ... ?

Sorry - but that's the dilemma of being a .... politician ... policeman ... the military ....... anybody !

If all else fails .... "Nuke" 'em ! (Or slap 'em around the head ... or trash your office .... !)



07-06-05, 01:11
I generally try to understand why?

If i cant then i ask.

If i disagree i may try to talk them out of it or share my own opinion. However i have noticed that some cultures are not prepared to listen to my opinions and dismiss them and treat me strange. In this case i lose all respect for them as why should i bother to understand them if they wont try and understand me.

If they do listen to me and take my views onboard but still dont change thier ways then depending on circumstances i will respect their ways. Unless of course its something i find to be disturbing like sacrificing a small child. In which case i would probally stick my fingers through their eyes and into their brain.

Its really depends on the situation on how you would act and if you would forcefully intervene. Their are a million differnt answers i could give you.