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02-06-05, 19:21
found on our city`s forum

Sometimes i think, there is a war all around, war of everyone against everyone... And i always fight, always against everyone or only against myself?

If someone starts the war against me i have two ways
1) To defeat the enemy
2) to defeat myself

in 1st case my armor happened to be stronger than the enemy`s and he lost.
in 2nd case i have to digest all the negativity he is trying to run me down with.
And i have to vanquish myself - to overpower my wrath, my anger. To fight over my desire to strike back, to unclench fists and offer my hand.

I went through and learnt the 1st path long ago. I often had to beat those who infringed my interests.
2nd way - to turn an enemy into a friend - seems today to me more "right", more preffered. But at the same time - more difficult.
It is always much harder to overcome oneself, than to ride down the enemy with your armor... or be oneself crashed as well

The question for the sake of which the thread was created is -
what should be more aspired: to become that strong so to be able, if necessary, to crash eveyone?? [in russian context can also mean "all" as "whole world" ]
Or it is better to strive for gaining more self-control to extent when i will be able not to get provoked, and not to treat the evil with evil...

in a row of various philosophical questions i`d like to know opinion of JRef members on this question (disregarding the fact that humanity asks it itself a long ago)

soory about translation, was made in a hurry