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14-06-05, 12:29
An interesting special (http://abc.net.au/4corners/special_eds/20050218/default_2.htm) re. Iraq, WMD, CIA, DIO, censorship etc.

14-06-05, 13:04
I'm having terrible connection delays, but the choppy recording is letting me get the details without loss. Here's a summary for people who might not have the time to wait thru the flash.

Australian microbiologist Rod Barton speaks to Liz Jackson, Four Corners TV, Autralia, about his knowledge obtained during his contract with UN.

Chapter 1: The Black Box Scandal and the Downfall of UNSCOM
UNSCOM chairman Richard Butler lets CIA blackbox intalled at Hotel Canal feeding CIA full information traffic leading to the downfall of UNSCOM in 1998. In the 5 year period since, WMD suspicions rose leading to 2nd Gulf War in 2003, but the suspicion might have been ungrounded; which might have been prevented had UNSCOM stayed in place.

Chapter 2: Tampered Report & Suicide
UN Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix, "We do not contend the existence of WMD, nor deny it."
Rod Barton believes decision for war was already made by the US, hence all efforts as inspector and advisor would be futile.
UK PM Tony Blaire, "Iraq has the capability to mount an WMD attack including against Shiite population in 45 minutes."
Rod Barton asks David Kelley, "Did you write the 45 min attack capability ?"
Dr. Kelley, who drafted the UK announcement, "Some people put in what they wanted to put in."
Dr. Kelley later commits suicide.

Chapter 3: Censorship - Things to leave out
Back in Iraq as post War WMD inspector Iraq Survey Group, CIA, Perfume Palace, nr. Camp Slayer, Baghdad.
David Kay, before the Senate, Jan 28, 2004, "It turns out that we were all wrong," resigns.
Rod Barton, "There were no indicators of (nuclear, biological) weapons."
Feb. 2004, New Director Charles Dulfa of ISG requests ...
CIA senior staff says, "Not to give opinion on aluminium tubes. Not allowed to say they have nothing to do with mobile biolgical trailers, but were simply hydrogen generators. Not to mention the trailers at all."
Charles Dulfa, "We do not want to know about the trailers because they are too political."
Rod Barton, "Statements by Downer, Hon. Alexander John Gosse (http://parlinfoweb.aph.gov.au/piweb/Repository/Chamber/Hansardr/Linked/2427-3.PDF) 2003 on mobile biological laboratories for WMD" were not fairly based on what was discovered...Such statements stopped after mid 2003."

Chapter 4: Censorship - Things to put in
Rod Barton, "John Scarlet of UK wanted to make it 'sexy'...put in 8-9 'nuggets.' Put in the i's from the previous report ('implications' of WND) in the new report"
Feb. 2004, coerced to compromise honest report, I left for 'personal reasons.' Two other people also left on 'personal reasons,' which was censorship.
They (in Australia) were not happy with me for disappointing the US, and that's what I expected. I would be branded as a trouble maker."

Chapter 5: Austalia's Iraqi Prisoner Abuse
Rod Barton, "I made a report recommending Dept. of Defense that Australia should not be involved in the interrogation of Iraqi prisoners.
A practice called 'Prisoner of the Week' showed prisoners with abrasions on the face. Why did they appear to be beaten ? This must have been part of the 'softening up' process."
After Abu Grahib Prison abuse became public, Dept. of Defense Minster Robert Hills announces, "No Australians were involved in the interrogations."
Rod Barton believes Austalians were involved in the investigations of high value Iraqi detainees, one of whom died of a head concussion, although not at Abu Grahib Prison.

Chapter 6: Final ISG 'Honest" Report
Charles Dulfa wants to have honest report now, objective and neutral.
Rod Barton, "There were no Weapons of Mass Destruction since 1991.
The scientists and military people originally alleged to have been involved in bio-chemical weapons are still detained, and should be released according to international law.
Now we know that there were no WMD programs. I think they should be released."
Rod Barton, "There are still people in the CIA believing they were right, and that ISG was wrong.
Iraqis lied about anthrax, because when they poured out the anthrax on the ground in front of Saddam's palace, they had to lie out of self-interest. We misinterpreted that. That was a lesson that I learned about being objective."