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16-06-05, 00:15
Has anyone read this book ?
I just got my hands on it recently and it looks amazing. It's from the secret archive of Vasili Mitrokhin, former KGB member who smuggled all kinds of secret records and data and what not from KGB files on foreign operations of the KGB in the West and in Europe and it focuses also mainly on the fight of the KGB against dissidents. He extracted these files for 12 years and in 1992 he finally managed to get himself and family and wife into England along with his archive that has provided crucial information to Western security agencies and also has now been exposed, well part of it, in a book written by Christopher and Andrew and Mitrokhin himself. I'm just at the begining and it's already very very interesting, and for me especially since my country suffered under the kind of supression and persecution that the KGB would enforce upon soviet citizens.

If you have read it, what do you make of it, and if you not would you consider reading it ?

17-06-05, 12:37
The Mitrokhin Archive is an interesting book giving insights into KGBfs activities abroad.

The most interesting part is how KGB the interfered in the world champions in chess with hypnosis involved to beat the opponent. (Korpov vs. Korchnoi)
Furthermore, in another story, an English "granny" (Melita Noorwood) was a spy for the KGB for over 40 years. The English government decided not to take her to court because of her old age.

17-06-05, 21:33
yeah,well i hadn't gotten to the chess part yet, but about the granny,most of the media wrongly analyzed the book seeing as mostly it was about the kgb's fight over dissidents and like so forth