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17-06-05, 17:29
Just a brief rant on the French President. He currently seems to have a bee in his bonnet about the rebate Britain get from the EU per year (3 billion Pounds). I am not saying whether that is right or wrong. The problem is that Tony Blair is now saying that the rebate could be up for renegotiation if the EU would look at its buget overall. The Swedish and Dutch governments have agreed with him on this point. This includes farm subsides. From what I can gather from the news is that Chriac wants us to lose our rebate, but is unwilling to even discuss the farm subsides. Someone should tell him that negotiation works both ways, or does he think that the EU was bought about for the French and no-one else. If the EU is to work then there must be flexibility. Chriac needs to flex or go, especially with the EU expanding.

21-06-05, 03:19
Uffff, another flop for the EU, still I feel Britain also is sabotaging the EU process by still trying to remain a bit distant and with great feelings of skepticism and totally not adhering to the the plan and vision, I mean at least join the Shengen zone and use the Euro; it would be a good start ;)

26-06-05, 14:50
I don't think just the UK is trying to sabotage the EU. There are other countries still looking out for themselves, it just that we are known for being skeptical about the EU. :D
Just a little item I picked up out of Private Eye today:
11.5 Billion Euros = EU argricultural subsidies recieved yearly by France
11.5 Billion Euros = Combined EU agricultural subsidies recieved yearly by UK, Austria, Belguim, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden
It's no wonder other countries are calling for a reform of the EU budget. :okashii:

26-06-05, 15:17
you know like the EU budget is only around 100 billion, thats like nothing compared to the wealth generated yearly alone in northern europe. It amazes me ppl are makin such a big deal about something so small, especially the big rich nations.

26-06-05, 15:40
11.5 billion euro/450 million inhabitants = 25.5 euro per person per year. That's about 15 pounds or 3000 yen, not a big deal to pay to support Europe's agriculture. Without it the unemployment would be higher in every country as farmers would be forced out of work by cheaper imports from developping countries.

30-06-05, 15:32
Maybe subsidies should be equal for France and Luxembourg, after all...

01-07-05, 02:18
Britain's contribution is 4 billion pounds, roughly what we contribute after the rebate is considered, divided by 56 000 000 people =
roughly 71 pounds per capita per year.
Now 75% of the EU budget is rural aid/agriculture and 25% of that goes to France which is:

13 pounds a year.

or 728 million pounds.

Personally, I'm all in favour of European co-operation, but I don't see why so much UK money should be going on French farmers. Is Chirac grateful for this support? Do the British receive discount prices on Brie and vin rouge? Apparently not, Tony Blair is 'ill-educated' for refusing to further increase financial aid for the French economy.

Lack of enthusiasm for Europe in the UK? Hardly suprising is it?