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02-07-05, 08:37
Drugs Kids Should Stay In School

School Trustees are being urged to take a tough line to stamp out the growing problem of drugs in primary schools as experts say users should be kept in class.

The Trustees Association is concerned about the increasing number of cases of primary age children smoking marijuana in the playground. Association members have been discussing the issue at their annual conference in Auckland.

Adviser Ron Mulligan says it is really just a case of schools emulating society. He believes drugs will continue to creep into playgrounds unless parents take more control.

The conference has also been considering whether pupils previously caught using drugs should have to undergo testing before they are allowed back into the classroom.

Ross Bell, the executive director of the New Zealand Drug Foundation, says expelling students caught smoking cannabis could do more damage than good.

His comments have come after the School Trustees' Association met in Auckland for their annual conference, with expulsion and suspension for drug offenders on their agenda.

Mr Bell says other methods of rehabilitation need to be considered to help tackle the playground drug culture. he also says parents must take a stand in the growing problem of children taking drugs.

This is in regards to Primary schools in New Zealand, these kids are from the age of Five to Ten possibly Eleven. Im just curious about drug problems with young children around the world, the effect it has on society, which preventative measures are being taken to stop this from happening, who is introducing the drugs to kids? Is it their older siblings, parents, teachers?
A few years ago there were a few primary schools that were being investigated for dealing drugs. I realise in some of your countries this perhaps is quite a common thing... maybe it doesnt even raise eyebrows anymore?
Let us hear about it... If we cant fix it, we can be better informed :)