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10-07-05, 17:24

So what do you guys make of this?

10-07-05, 20:46
I think there is a MAJOR thing missing from that article - common ideology and alliances. Multiple-wars do not account for one World War. That would be equivalent to saying that multiple civil wars across continents would equal a world war. If so - we would have been in a WW3 for decades now. Korea and South Korea conflict is completely separate from a Middle-east confilct. There is no possible way (that I can see) to unite the fundamental ideologies of the "Far East" and the "Middle East" states. WW1 was instigated by Austria's action against the Balkan States - who were allied with Russia. The resulting alliances gave the countries a common ideology to fight for - to defend Austria from the overpowering auspices of Russia. WW2 - to defend against another "Prussian" (at this point, German) invasion. The uniting common ideology? Facism (and the anti-facist groups). This is a very simplistic approach, I know, but even if it were to be taken to more depth you would still find a uniting ideology (and I'm actually at work right now... :p ). Therfore WW3 is a HUGE misnomer (imo :p).

02-08-05, 11:11
what do you make of it ERMAC, you make a post asking people about something and not comment?

05-08-05, 02:37
hopefully germany will keep out this time i dont want my country to be involved in this. let the super powers do it themselves.

I think some scenario like this is possible. Why not.