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22-07-05, 15:26

Its true, not really supposed to be a government, its supposed to be Mouri controlled.

You know that feeling when someone says "Water is wet", ya, its pretty much that.

Mike Cash
22-07-05, 16:07
Here's your big chance. Run down there and spread Communist brotherhood. Does the Party have enough t-shirts on hand?

22-07-05, 16:41
LOL, ever try to jump a Mouri boy? im a lot of things, but im not that stupid. Mad love and respect to any Mouri's out there.

Mike Cash
22-07-05, 16:47
So you think the only way to spread Communism is by force/violence?

22-07-05, 16:52
Mouri or Maori?

22-07-05, 16:54
??? communism? didnt we clear all this up? im not a communist, it was a cause and effect test i was studying(check the thread if you have to). Is this ever going to die down?

{Right, Its Maori}

Mike Cash
22-07-05, 16:57
Not likely. It looked to me less like a test of any sort than a specimen of furious ex post facto backpedalling.

22-07-05, 17:11
Ah..... well, its over and done now, i guess im more open to this sorta thing.

Why is it the most people accuse other without looking into why they do? Is it something they learn to do, parents teach them, or do they just choose not to take the time to learn about the world around them? Why do most people just glance and shrug any ideas away?

As for me, I took the time to explore every political side there is, and to tell the truth, i would rather be nutural than going to the far-side of anything.

Mike Cash
22-07-05, 17:31
Without looking into why they do what?

You either 1) yanked everybody's chain or 2) did a rapid and implausible backpedal. Do you feel you have been victimized?

Oftentimes, by the way, prefering to be "neutral" amounts to nothing more than suppressing one's own lukewarm and wishy-washy personal convictions in favor of seeing which way the popular wind is blowing and coming down on the side of the masses in hopes of being liked and gaining acceptance.

Come to think of it, the "strength in numbers" thing was the chief appeal you listed in your Communism thread.

22-07-05, 17:50
1. Victimized? no, not really, i knew the possible effects of saying what i did. It REALLY was a test, come on people :( .

2. By neutral, I ment more along the lines of the centrist political ideal. And i dont go the way of popular fads, i look like more of a slacker/hermit than anything else.

3. When i said that, i thought of the top of my head and picked something common to all Communist states and that was(in general) big populations.

BTW: kids, beware what you say(even if it is online), eat you greens, do your homework, and mind your parents.....Or Baba Naga will come and eat your liver.

22-07-05, 18:00
Let's give him a break, folks. Teenagers are supposed to experiment and make mistakes, too, if that's what's involved. Without mistakes, how could anyone learn anything ? :haihai:

22-07-05, 18:25
Let's give him a break, folks. Teenagers are supposed to experiment and make mistakes, too, if that's what's involved. Without mistakes, how could anyone learn anything ? :haihai:
Does that mean all politicians are now geniuses? :shock: :eek2:

22-07-05, 18:39
I know what you mean, Mike, though I had to blink for a moment in time with the blinking emoti before it clicked ! :shock: :gomen:
Yeah, repeat offense by people far, far beyond their teenage yrs would prove they had no genuine intent to experiment for the noble purpose of learning anything, but simply playing the henchman for the powerful who could fill their pockets in reward, o, yes !! :box: :auch:
Which gives me an idea: let's try a totally different kind of government called Teeagerachy ! Anyone who is a teen qualifies unless they've been involved in some capital/major offense, and they are relieved of office once they turn 20. Anyone who is older is required to serve the teen in office as advisors or executives... the higher the age, the lower the rank. It would resemble a pyramid with only the age as ranking criterion.

Of course all the safty measure can be implemented with the experienced old timers older than 19. And NO WAR GAMES, period ! :biggrin: