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01-08-05, 18:25
There is a show in the UK called Room 101 in which various celebrities consign the thing they hate to it. I just wondered if there is anything in the world that you would consign to Room 101, never to be seen in the world again. Another reason for this question is the play on radio 4 today used the same question and it got me wondering (you do a lot of that, driving).
So you can put ONE thing that you would like to see gone from the world forever and a good reason for it. If someone disagrees with your choice they can always argue why it should remain in the world.
Mine would be custard. I cannot stand its taste, smell or touch. To see people eat it makes me gag. It even looks vile. A bowl of yellow gloop. Hate, hate ,hate it. Begone foul dessert topping, gloop of the devil.

01-08-05, 18:52
[C]ustard. I cannot stand its taste, smell or touch. To see people eat it makes me gag. It even looks vile. A bowl of yellow gloop. Hate, hate, hate it. Begone foul dessert topping, gloop of the devil.Exactly my thoughts, Mike !! I'm glad I'm not the only one; I was kind of worried I was anti-social for hating that abomination of a goo. I'd rather have 10 servings of blue-green jello !

As for my contribution to this wonderful idea; artichokes. They taste, look, and smell like a rotting toe; but Brussel sprouts are sublime in their titilating bitterness ! :liplick:

01-08-05, 19:03
I cant believe you guys dont like custard. I love custard... I thought everyone liked custard. Bananas just wouldn't be the same without it...
My nomination for room 101 i think would have to be mosquitos. They buzz around in my room in the night and as soon as you turn a light on to kill 'em, they land on something so you cant find them cause they're so damn small. And they bite people.

01-08-05, 19:08
kill moskitoes and the river fish will be gone

i`d move away people who complain that they want to free world from soemthing they hate :D

01-08-05, 20:34
As for mosquitos I have mixed a mixed opinion. Firstly they are annoying and aggravate the discomforts of the summer monsoon. I think I could sleep better what little time I let myself sleep. I also feel that with the global warming and the emergence of new strains of old diseases and new diseases popping up from the destroyed rainforest/developed ecosystems/engineered biological weapons, there might come a day when a misqiuto-transmitted disease with a long hibernation period would strike huge populations; hence mosquitos pose a strong health threat on a mass scale.

However the kind of shared immunity to many old-world diseases might have been fostered by the mosquito bites when antigens or antibodies were transferred between individuals via the mosquito. Maybe mosquitos have been playing a certain role in keeping populations vaccinated for a number of diseases.

I just hope nobody will even try to abuse the mosquito's deadly potential for any destructive purpose which could lead to mass destruction of lives. In the mean time I am glad that insect repellants and incense are able to fend off the mojority of them. I also hope the changes in weather involved in global warming, they would not start spreading tropical diseases such as the tropical malaria in previously temperate areas.

Iron Chef
01-08-05, 21:06
"So you can put ONE thing that you would like to see gone from the world forever and a good reason for it."

On a global scale... war. I'd like to think that in today's civilized world, we shouldn't have to resort to armed conflict to settle our differences even after exhausting all other means of diplomacy first. There has to be some other alternative... without giving in to mankind's basic need for warmongering. Another topic for another day. 8-p

On a personal scale... cigarette smoke (it irritates me to no end). Hell, just round all the smokers up and ship them off to some deserted island to let them duke it out "Battle Royale-style" over the last single carton remaining hidden somewhere. Might even make for a good season or two of "reality TV", heh. :cool:

02-08-05, 14:28
I totally agree with you about cigarette smoke Chef. I work just off the main reception and smokers always congregate outside the door - the smoke drifts in and chokes me!

Lexico, artichokes are the smoky-tasting, crunchy vegetable of the devil! And brussels sprouts make you embarrass yourself in public! I like broccoli!

All you custard-haters :angryfire :shock: :box: ! I love custard! Blueberry muffin & custard, apple crumble & custard, ginger cake & custard and of course the great classic bananas & custard! The world would be a much impoverished place without the glorious yellow goo!

I have so many things I want to put in Room 101 I am struggling to think of just one! Mmm, I shall choose Soap Operas! I hate those badly-acted, depressing, far-fetched, topical TV dramas! They are banned in our house, but if I happen to be flicking through the channels and catch one I have this deranged urge to keep watching, until I engage my logic circuits and tune in to a good documentary or Sci fi series!

06-04-11, 12:29
I would put alcohol in.:good_job:

I think it does more harm than good and the world would be a better place without it. Never seen the big appeal in it.