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05-08-05, 03:00
EDIT: i deleted the link because it was offending other forum users. I am sorry.

i dont know what these people are demonstration for. i dont care. i dont think its ok for any authority to overreact this massivly.

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05-08-05, 03:26
This forum is fine. That video is disturbing; I can't even watch it. I also don't have a clue what it's all about.

05-08-05, 04:13
The labor union vs. the police called D验xŽ@.
While I do not condone the kind of specialized, professional assaults by the police on civilians, what the labor union fought for was not basic workers' rights but an endless demand for raise and benefits while the laborors of mid-to-small mfr. companies suffered by lowered wages due to that.
Major manufacturing faciilties, tired of rising wages and unpredictable mfr. schedule went off-shore to China, Vietnam, etc. where mfr'ing costs were within means. Many of those in the flash video are out of work by now; they ate their own livelihood. The police need not be bothered that much now.

Those people who are being attacked by the police may seem to deserve pity; in fact they are the greedy elements of Korea. I have little sympathy for them. I used to work for a small mfr. company, and I know the average wage between them (e.g. Daewoo, Hyundai, Samsung, LG) and us are beyond comparison. The bucket got passed to us because somebody had to pay for the difference and it wasn't their companies, but the subcontracting small companies. So much for sympathy. :(

05-08-05, 05:54
Thanks for the explanation, lexico. Whether they deserved it or not, it's still too much for me to bear watching.

05-08-05, 06:22
I hate those police as much as anyone; they should have just liquidated the companies without the major hassel; just pay off the workers 6 mths pay and got it over with. For a tiny bit of money, both were absolute fools to bicker, shed blood, maim, and get maimed. Ugly professionals--Union and Police alike. I'd say interesting piece of savage police behavior; but contentwise, just another piece of dirty propaganda for the Union. Some looked suspiciously staged, btw.

edit: removed unverified observations.

05-08-05, 07:33

I respect your indignation at the brutality of the riot police.
However this is labor union material used to influence it's members and the population.
I don't know where/how you obtained the link; but I find the content highly offensive. Would it be fair to use to the forum bandwidth to propagate information geared towards benefiting/dehumanising a particular interest group ? The unionists fought for their interest and got what they wanted or sunk the business; so what is the deal ? I would appreciate it if you would remove the link.


05-08-05, 10:30
As I said i wanted to show this and I didn't know what it was about. What I was saying is that the violence seems too much even if this evil workers union protests for higher wages all the time...

I'll edit the link if it offends you.

05-08-05, 11:06
As I said i wanted to show this and I didn't know what it was about. What I was saying is that the violence seems too much even if this evil workers union protests for higher wages all the time...

I'll edit the link if it offends you.Shas,

Thank you, and you are right; those violences should never have happened. This could be relatively recent material contrary to what I said earlier. I tried to get the text down but had some difficulties; I only have the titles of each segment. Not all of my comments were verifiable, and I may have made misjudgments myself. Here are the titles that I was able to copy down. I restored the link(s) without the initial h so that I do not obstruct your freedom of expression.

위험수위 넘어서는 경찰폭력 Police Brutalaity Becomes Excessive, Dangerous
"또다른 이한열, 강경대를 부르는가 ?" "Do they want to kill more Li Hanyol's and Kang Kyongdae's ?"

사회보험노조 폭력진압 Social Security Insurance Labor Union Crushed with Violence

전국노동자대회 National Labourors' Assembly

대우 자동차 Daewoo Automotive Company

제작 production
노동자 투쟁과 함께 하는 미디어 활동단 Media Šˆ“®š£: We stand together with the Labor Struggle

ttp://filecabi.net/host/police-brutality/wmv for those who would see the content originally provided by Shas.

이한열 Lee Hanyol (http://images.google.com/images?q=%EC%9D%B4%ED%95%9C%EC%97%B4&svnum=10&hl=en&lr=lang_en&safe=off&start=0&sa=N) (d. 1987.06.09) and 강경대 Kang Kyongdae (http://images.google.com/images?svnum=10&hl=en&lr=lang_en&safe=off&q=%EA%B0%95%EA%B2%BD%EB%8C%80) (d. 1991.04.26) were killed by Battle Police's D验xŽ@ use of excessive force in subjugating demonstrators. Although they fought for democracy and social reform, and were in favor of expanding labourers' rights, I do not believe they died for the relentless pursuit for higher wages by labourers of the bigger corporations at the expense of other, less organised labourers.

And Shas, if you think the deactivated links are too far away from post no. 1, you can copy mine with some kind of qualification and insert it in your post no. 1. As long as the nature of the material is somehow stated, I think it is not such a negative thing after all. Sorry for overreacting.

11-08-05, 23:24
Today,we should change the title-

"Protestors brutality against riot Police in South Korea."

The riot police is much harder job than the DMZ military service and often those protestors do not abide by the demonstration rule.