View Full Version : Do you care about the Rwanda genocide ?

Dutch Baka
05-09-05, 17:48
Yesterday evening i was watching the movie Hotel Rwanda, a movie that is based on real.. its about africa , where people die, because of the war.. children get killed, femaled get rapped.. this is just 11 years ago that it happen.

but even nowadays, people get raped, children get no change of life , i thought that it was 1 on 5 children in africa that are having aids. but besides africa, there are many other country's where there are people suffering , because of Money, food, sickness, etc...

now my qeustion is, when you watch the news, and see how people die (nowadays, i think the news is getting harder, as you can see death body's etc etc) ... so when you see this kind of people on tv... DO YOU REALLY CARE???????

or do you think,, mm thats sad, but yeah i live pretty save in here, mm i wonder what we eat tonight!!!

the qeustion is also, what can you do about it? please come with opinions, idea's etc..

05-09-05, 18:10
I care so much that the only way I can deal with it is not to watch the news and help in a small, small way by buying fair trade.

Ma Cherie
05-09-05, 19:40
That was a good movie by the way dutch baka, I liked it. :p

Now, to answer your question, there is so much happening in the world. Whenever I watch the news, I feel all sorts of things. Like, "Why do these things happen?" You know thoughts like that. With all the globalization going on it seems like rich countries get richer and poor countries just remain poor. The AIDS epidemic in parts of Africa is just simply out of control. But sometimes I feel that I do care. I mean right now, I'm going to raise awarness on my campus about Human Trafficking. Alot of people don't know that it's happening.

What can we do about some of these problems, well simple things like make donations and help raise public awarness about the things that are going on. Just putting up fliers and things like that.

Frank D. White
05-09-05, 23:49
Some of us just can't handle the overload of bad news around the world day after day. For me, handling personal depression for 40 years, just dealing with day to day problems is so overwhelming, toss in worldly horrors and suicide looks soooo good. Sometimes you just have to turn off your emotions and not care or you will go off the deep end. I think there are many people who can't afford to really care about others or they would be overwhelmed. I know there are plenty of people out there who only care about themselves and what affects them directly, but for many who seem heartless, there is a reason. I find if I pick a problem close to me and try to solve it, I feel less hopeless then trying to solve world problems. I can't really know what others are thinking or why they behave like they do; just guess at it from my own experience?