View Full Version : Is Super Girl a Force for Democracy?

09-09-05, 11:27
Forgive me please for putting this non-Japan-related article here... I don't know where it should go before a China section established^^ :relief:

Is Super Girl a Force for Democracy?


"The voting itself can not be called democracy. Except from voting,transparent procedure,equal rights, freedom of discussion and the respect towards others and an equitable role beyond any personal volition, are all indispensable parts in the definition of democracy."
Link: The Full Story (http://bjtoday.ynet.com/article.jsp?oid=6246791&pageno=1)


10-09-05, 01:43
I'm not really sure where it belongs either. Considered Chit&Chat, but since you probably have a more serious discussion in mind, I moved it to Non-Japanese News.

As for the posed question: SG is not "a Force for Democracy". It's simple fodder for the masses.