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22-09-05, 05:59
Here are some questions I've always wondered. Please don't ridicule me on how stupid they are, if you think so. I've aksed other questions (on advertising for example) which people flamed me on. I will try to make these more interesting. I will edit this often.

What is the meaning of life?
(Besides the usual to live and reproduce. I just don't see the meaning of life. I don't really have any beliefs.. I found an interesting link on this, regarding someones views as a singularitan. I have no clue what this term means. I will post it soon.)
Considering how technology keeps evolving so rapidly, I've always looked back on the past and realized "Wow, it took only 20 years for this to be invented, or for such major breakthroughs." Since the 80's, we've had many interesting inventions, including powerful personal computers, the internet, MP3 players, CD players (good ones to boot), hacking on computers, wi-fi, amazing improvements in video game consoles (8 bit to 3D, soon to become Blu-ray), HD improvements, been to space several times, rovers to mars, NASA Crashed a crater into a comet in space, etc.) How will life be in 20 years? I've heard that no one can predict the future accurately. Some people thought the world would end in 2005, the YK2 bug, the movie Back to the future predicted a radical change in future in 2015, yet I'm sure in 10 years our future would never look like it did in the movie (It is a movie afterall).

Also, I don't know if this is recent (i.e past 20 years) but scientist have found out time travel to be therotically possible. It's no longer science fiction. Some physcist are already trying to make time machines, one of them is using very powerful lasers to warp spacetime (it may be a dream, nevertheless, trick is to finding powerful enough lasers):Source: Watch the science channel on time travel.

Its amazing how far we've come in 20 years. And the future looks exciting.

Hmm I can't think of anything else for now. I guess this is it for now. I would appreciate constructive critism, (Please no flaming) and some helpful responses.

22-09-05, 06:01
Heres the link on singularitism , I think;

22-09-05, 12:45
That's an interesting link GoldCoin. What is the meaning of life? I think the meaning of life is to find the meaning of your life - i.e. what is the point of being alive for you - and it's different for everyone. For me at the moment it is to fill my brain with stuff - maybe it will change later, I don't know.

22-09-05, 15:40
I agree with Tsuyoiko completely and wholheartedly: The meaning of life changes for each and every person. :cool:

For me, It means "to live". To enjoy yourself. I mean, you really don't know there is another side, so relax and enjoy yourself, do all the things you want to do. Don't hold yourself back, it's now or never, kid. :hihi:

22-09-05, 15:57
With all the dazzling changes that recent innovations have brought, they have not fundamentally changed the way our foods are grown, harvested, stored, sold, delivered, bought, cooked, digested, excreted, flushed, treated, and washed out to sea. While people now live healthier, the health problems seem more numerous by living longer. We still mostly burn fossil fuel to heat the houses, cook our meals, and warm water for washing. The basic energy cycle does not seem to have changed.

What did change are the way we do certain things. Smarter ways of doing things; not necessarily changed the great energy cycle that basically relies on the sun for all energy (less maybe 1% of all energy needs from atomic fission). We are still living in the neolithic age of agriculture. Nothing really new other than fashion to wear, and fashionable science. Got news ? :D