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Dutch Baka
23-09-05, 00:20
WOW.. a lot of things are happening to this woman now, H&m stoped her contract, Chanel wont sign a new contract with her, and the British Burberry wont start the Advertisments with Kate in it.

.. and NO this is not the end... Also Rimmel London is Serieusly thinking of finnishing her contract!

what happend you guys ask? well this Lovely Kate Moss, SUper Model, took some Coke, and geuss who was watching.. YEAH the Paparazieeeee... and they took this nice photo's and post it in the Daily Mirror!!!

what you guys think, is this the end of Kate moss. how much will she suffer from this?

23-09-05, 08:03
Where was she when this pixie was taken? Could this be her really? I mean, with the technology today... If this is true this could her career big time and the companies you mentioned are just the start. What could have gone wrong in the life of the beautiful Kate Moss? Tsk tsk.

23-09-05, 08:08
WOW! A rail thin super model snorted coke. What a HEADLINE!

Dutch Baka
23-09-05, 08:46
she admit that she used it, and said to be responsible for it.

WOW! A rail thin super model snorted coke. What a HEADLINE!

well for some people it is yeah hehe, gotta post some threads in the world news area too...

23-09-05, 11:38
--- yah, this is really big news in Sweden - H&M going to have her as a model and all, but now can't... and those pics... myeah.

I think they shouldn't let her off the contracts and jobs; I mean, HELLO!! - It's not like this is Kate Moss's first time of snorting cocaine... she's probably been a druggie since ... she was 15 or something. A lot of the super models are. IT's a good way to diet fast, and then they're stuck.

This thing about Kate has probably been a fact for years - but now, when some paparazzi photographs it... THEN it's a big deal.

Help her quit instead. She's really beautiful, so fininshing her contract would be a waste. I like Kate. I pity her cause she's on drugs.

These news-headlines are only there for people to read about her misery. Evil people.

23-09-05, 11:38
I think it's easier to make a list of famous people who DON'T do drugs... ;-)

23-09-05, 11:51
Is it even possible to make a list of celebrities NOT doing drugs???? Would it be existent? Hmm maybe for the REALLY young child stars, even then Drew Barrymore started off so young.
Poor Kate, its been well known for years that she uses.

nice gaijin
23-09-05, 12:42
I'm about as schocked about this as much as I care about Kate Moss's bathroom habits (which I'm sure are inexorably linked to her drug habits)

23-09-05, 12:49
they all snort the stuff, her and the smackhead boyfriend probably gonna have a wedding cake made of the stuff.

23-09-05, 13:45
I just feel sorry for her, she needs help.
I don't think they should stop her contract... I think they should make it conditional on her coming off from drugs, or at least to whatever extent she is able to... but, it's their job and their money and it's up to them. From their point of view they'd want someone "low-risk" for their work.

23-09-05, 14:14
I've attended a few fashion parties in London, and I must say I'd say the majority of party goers are hopped up on coke. It should come as no suprise that Kate moss does it, or most do. Its pretty pathetic actually... which is why I tend to avoid these parties.

23-09-05, 16:18
Although the paparazzis and the tabloids ought to be sued for invasion of privacy, they will probably go free with a slap on the wrist, and that will not save her career either. As for the terminating of Kate's contracts, they most surely have a clause about "incriminating behaviour" being sufficient cause to void the deal as that will somewhat affect their profits, so no luck there either. Nevertheless seeing someone's life being destroyed just like that is not pleasant at all -- people feeding on someone else's misery is not honorable. I hope the companies she used to work for give her a second chance on less favorable terms plus the added prerequisite that she go on a medical program to get off that stuff. She will probably have to suffer professionally if she is committed to doctor's appointments and some serious therapy, but it shouldn't have to destroy her completely. Everyone deserves a second chance as long as they are willing to mend their ways. Hope she pulls through.

cicatriz esp
24-09-05, 06:01
I've attended a few fashion parties in London, and I must say I'd say the majority of party goers are hopped up on coke..

I'd say almost half the people I come across on a daily basis are on either coke or meth. Especially the women. It's more popular than cigarettes here.

24-09-05, 13:18
Tough break for her but, she took the risks and got caught, if people just forgive drug taking by continuing to pay her lots of money and continue to be glamorous and famous, then you give the message to folk that drugs are cool, when for the vast majority of folk they ruin lives, so, as sad as it is she should learn to say no to drugs, if i can do it, then she can.

Dutch Baka
24-09-05, 13:35
lets see what happen to her carreer, thats what i am wondering about

02-10-05, 16:27
"Role Model"

At least she says she is "taking full responsibility" for whatever she's done. Issues like this with famous supposed "role models" have been around for a long long time. I bet someone from the industry saw the signs but what makes me wonder is why nothing was done sooner. Is it that drugs are a fashion too? Maybe it is (for them or for some) but don't you think that its hypocritical that suddenly when she's caught actually doing the stuff she's turned down by the very industry who tolerated her? :?

People who are in the same boat should be helped. They must be made to realize that they have a problem and that substance abuse would not help them or their career.