View Full Version : Unfair and biased journalism ; don't you think it's time we interview Saddam ?

08-10-05, 15:01
Don't you think it's time that the world had an opportunity to interview
Saddam Hussein ? With all the spotlight being focused on G.W. Bush and all of his cronies, it's sickening how often we have to listen to his lies and deceptions every single day.

Journalist creed: http://www.mdn.org/jschool/creed.htm

Since the BBC debacle so much has happen to the news. We hear less and less about what's going on in the world. We turn on our T.V.'s and watch a guy like Barry Bonds get lambasted by the media over steriods. In addition, we see people in government like U.S. Senator John McCain flex his political muscle in a sport so many American love, like we want to mix politics with our sports. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A33702-2004Dec3.html

The media spends more time dehumanizing people and less time reporting just good Ole' news. I remember during the Monica BlewClinsky scandal when Clinton was being impeached. The news was relentless about ever single detail in Clintons sex life. Never have I learned the details of another mans sex life than that of Bill Clinton's. I was mortified. To simply put it, I was ashamed at how low our media would stoop just to dehumanize someone with such character.

I remember during th hippie-era when Charles Manson was glorified for his murder of celebrities. News was news back then, I think...Now, no one cares anymore about sensational crime all the media wants to do is destroy good people like Bill Clinton was !

I would love for the media to interview Saddam Hussein ! That would be great, wouldn't it ?

08-10-05, 18:26
Try it! Either you die while searching for him or you earn a lot of money when you sell your interview to a big TV company. But that would imply to sell your soul to the devil. TV companies are IMHO the reincarnation of capitalism in its purest form. Everytime something really bad happes they can make live broadcasts and don't need to show expensive movies. Furthermore they can raise the prize for commercials, because everyone is sitting in front of the TV.

So it seems that only bad news are good news and that you can't do anything about it. Sry.



09-10-05, 00:20
According to the "Which leader are you?" test, I am Saddam Hussein....... :worried: :lol: ........ Go for it! I've always wanted to be interviewed! :p