View Full Version : Solidarity 25 years ago

09-10-05, 05:57
Here's an interesting multimedia slideshow about the Solidarity (http://www.solidarnosc.gov.pl/index.php?document=2) strikes which led to establishment of independant trade unions in Poland etc.

10-10-05, 17:26
Are you old enough to remember it? You wouldn't think I was, but I remember it as my dad was a local union leader, so my parents were always talking about stuff like this. He'll be interested in this link, as will my husband, the new generation of union activists! Thanks!

11-10-05, 03:13
My parents were involved, and through them I also met a few Solidarity luminaries when I was younger, so I remember. I'm writing a short paper about it too, that's why I'm thinking about it.

12-10-05, 18:00
Wow, that's really interesting Index! How was it for you, growing up with 'activist' parents? It was fun for me, as the things they were campaigning about didn't affect us personally. We got to go on protest marches and meet people whose faces we had seen on TV (even if we were too young to understand who they were at the time!) The most memorable time for me was the miners' strike of '83/'84, when I was 8 years old. It was just constant marching, hearing Arthur Scargill speak, fundraisers and parties for the miners. Although I didn't understand very much at the time, those experiences really helped me develop the values I have now.

13-10-05, 01:09
My parents were more involved with organizing fundraising events and promoting the ideas through art exhibitions, organizing social events to get theses people together and on the same wavelength, as well as fundraising. Like you tsuuyoiko, I didn't really realize at the time what it was all about, just remember often going to various shows or meeting people who were kind of different. No doubt as you say it affected our way of thinking, and I'm really glad I was exposed to it. I wish my eyes had been open back then, but maybe they were a little.