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Frank D. White
13-10-05, 22:50
I get the feeling that the "BIG" opening story of the nightly world news I watch at 6:30 PM every night is probably very different depending on what country you live in. I though it might be interesting (for a while) to post what the OPENING storyline is on the nightly news where you live for the day.


Oct. 13th, 2005 from the US - Bird flu soon to kill us all !

Date, Location, and Lead story

I bet hearing from some of the smaller countries will be interesting? I have another hour & a half till news here but some of you must have seen your nightly news by now with all the time zones we have here on the Forum.
Hope this thread doesn't go over like a fart in church?


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Frank D. White
14-10-05, 00:44
13th Oct. 2005 ABC 6:30PM news

The Northeast of the US is drowning in floods. Most of the Northeast has received up to a foot of rain over the past week with more to come.

Surprised me to see this as the "BIG" story. I have to admit, we had about 8 inches of rain last weekend, which is way over normal. It's susposed to rain for the next five days, haven't seen the sun for over a week!


14-10-05, 00:57
I missed the opening story tonight but that bird flu is all I've been hearing lately. Pluuulezzzzzzzzzzz!

Frank D. White
15-10-05, 00:59
14th Oct. 2005 ABC 6:30PM news

The opening story was on the bird flu reaching Turkey & Romania. They are killing birds by the thousands to prevent the spread between birds.


16-10-05, 00:27
Does this mean no turkey this Thanksgiving??????????? :(