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24-03-03, 00:06

And yet another reason why the jugdement of the U.N. votes for no military action on Iraq was compromised.

25-03-03, 03:22
The date on this article reads "Sunday, March 23, 2003".

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but the war in Iraq has started quite a few days before the 23rd, hasnt it? Its not so much of a matter of finding banned weapons in Iraq anymore, its ousting Saddam Hussein.

Iraq's tanks and weapons are from the late 60's and early 70's, and most of the tanks and various other legal equipment owned by the Republican Guard and normal army in Iraq havent been upgrade with spare parts or other since the Gulf War. If Saddam wants to win this war (Which he can't), then he will have to buy weapons that are more advanced. And the only weapons that could help him win this war at any chance, would be weapons banned by the United Nations.

Desperate times call for desperate measures? Definately.

25-03-03, 04:55
This has been going on for over a year. Russia has allowed these companys to sell Iraq these devices while knowing it broke international law. Guilty by association.

Are you siding with Saddam and commending these Russian companies?

25-03-03, 22:49
Im not siding with Saddam.

What I am saying, is that he know's that he is fighting against impossible odds, and he knows his only chance of winning are by obtaining weapons that are banned by the United Nations.

Im not saying its right what he's doing, and Im not saying he shouldn't do that. Its the only option he has if he wont back down and leave.

25-03-03, 23:41
He has been obtaining these devices long before we began military action. This is the reason why the war is occuring. He shouldn't be doing that in accordance with international law. There is no getting aroudn that. Besides, this is more a new problem with Russia. Not something to deal with Saddam so much.

26-03-03, 02:38
Well, in the article you posted, it said that Bush Administration sources gave this information. Whether it could be credible or not, it certainly gives drive to their position in Iraq at the current moment. This is why the United States are officially going in, to "Liberate the people of Iraq from the tyranny of Saddam Hussuein and find those banned weapons". However, in spite of the "proof" they have shown, heavy opposition sitll exist's throughout the world.

Apparently, China, Russia, Japan, France, Germany, Canada and many other countries feel that Saddam isnt a threat, and chances are he isnt harbouring these kinds of weapons that are being looking for in Iraq. Americans, British, Polish (GROM) and Australians havent found any sort of weapons of mass destruction.

And just to cease a rebuttle on the Japan comment; Yes, Japan is for this war, since its started.

Three-fourths of all Japanese say Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's backing of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq was inevitable, according to a Japanese newspaper poll Tuesday.

Source: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2003/3/25/latest/10981Poll76&sec=latest

Reasons for this?

Japan has no real access to oil, and once someone (like the United States) dominates the oil market, Japan has no choice but to go through them. The same with France, Germany and the other European nations that have to go through this oil transaction. Canada is fairly well off since we have oil depost's in Alberta. But now since the war has started, France plans to have a massive part in post-war reconstruction plans in Iraq, and Japan is pro for this war now as to... in my personal opinion, get on the good side of the United States.

But I dont see why Iraq or Russia wouldnt be allowed to sell or have these weapons. Iraq is now in war, an illegal war. If its not going to be seen as an illegal war, I dont see why not the Saddam regime can't use illegal weapons. I mean, United States used chemical agents such as Agent Orange, right? And its more so Russian third-parties selling them these weapons, not the Russian government.

26-03-03, 03:14
Listen, the selling of these devices have been going on for over a YEAR. BEFORE the war started. You cannot justify what any of these people are doing with being a hypocrit of your own sentiments.

not the Russian government.They have known about this since the US government brought it up. Like I said, guilty by association.

Originally posted by Kikuchiyo
However, in spite of the "proof" they have shown, heavy opposition sitll exist's throughout the world.
France plans to have a massive part in post-war reconstruction plans in Iraq
But I dont see why Iraq or Russia wouldnt be allowed to sell or have these weapons. Well, we now have the proof. Iraq has used weapons it is legally forbidden to use, and you're trying to justify that!

As for France, no one is going to be leting them TOUCH in the Iraq reconstruction. That is not for the good of anyone, only themselves.

26-03-03, 03:39
The same as all the coalition fighting in Iraq. United States does not liberate a people unless they have interest's with those people. I remember hearing the Iraq oil reserve is worth $4 trillion. Understandable, heresay cannot be credible, but I really dont doubt that statement.

I myself have not heard of Iraq using illegal weapons banned by the United Nations. I havent seen reports of scuds being fired either that go further then the allowed range. Given, Iraq had missiles that went further then the allowed range, but you can't start a war over that. United States develope's weapons that exceed this kind of stuff every year. We only find out about them 10 years after.

Perhaps if you could post some source or referance stating these highly illegal weapons Iraq is using in the war. But If I recall, United States is fighting to get rid of Saddam who is "hiding" weapons of mass destruction. Im not saying he doesnt have them, Im just saying there is no current prove he does have them, or no current position suggesting he might.


Also adding to the French thing. Of course, they need oil. Thats why they oppose this war, because United States will control this industry. Thats why Japan was opposed, as well as Russia and China and everyone else. Japan is now being pro-war since they want to get on United States nice side, while France is taking an apparent different approach trying to get plans and contracts in the rebuilding of Iraq.

Everyone is in this for their own interest's, and the poor civilians of Iraq are dying because of it.

26-03-03, 03:42
Ok, I understand I rarely get out of control, but you are extremely out of this loop. You have no idea what is really going on. You probably haven't even seen a news report about this war. You have no opinion that in anyway will EVER matter to me and should not matter to anyone.

26-03-03, 03:44
What a shame.

I'm constantly reading UK, US and Arabic news as well as other European sources. It seems my uninformed opinion doesnt matter to American-bias who only watch's CNN and is filled with patriotic-propaganda.

I dont have your ear, what a pity.

26-03-03, 03:46
Haha.. CNN. I rarely watch that unless to watch the live feeds from Baghdad. I get most of my news from sites and news channels we pick up. that are run by credible people from other coutries as well as America. Don't tell me all I know is propoganda. You are the one who hasn't even a clue about those scuds. I saw videos of them. I read report from a TON of sites that said the same. I know plenty of anti-war people who are saying this has happaned.

26-03-03, 03:49
Congratulations, now if you take the time to read my posts and what I've said, I've asked you to post links to these resources to back your claim.

Obviously you arent reading, and arent participating properly to have an informed opinion that would matter here. Going straight for the criticism card is the easy way out. Try to prove yourself and show me links, from credible sites, of these scuds that are oh so threatening to world peace that we can justify beating down on a third-world country.

26-03-03, 03:53




Obviously you arent reading, and arent participating properly to have an informed opinion that would matter here.Apparently you are the only person who has problems with my debating.

26-03-03, 04:08
The first referance link suggests that Iraq has weapons that are illegal, however, these scuds are completly legal. They variation or type is what makes it illegal to United Nations sanctions on Iraq.

Iraq fired Scud missiles that Hans Blix could not find and Saddam claimed not to have at American and British troops.

source: http://washingtontimes.com/commentary/20030325-10830028.htm

Give me a few minutes and I will post a source link that says all the scuds that were given to Iraq from Russia are almost accounted for after the Iraq-Iran war and the 90-so scuds fired during the Gulf war.

The other two did not mention illegal weapons

The last source talks about a suspected basewere chemical weapons could have been produced. Doesnt hold much unless they do actually find some Iraqi made chemical weapons.