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19-10-05, 02:42
I have just read an article of BBC News (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/4353274.stm) saying that US citizens are now allowed (in smalll numbers) to visit North Korea. Like for other countries' citizens, tourists have to take an official tour, operated by the Koryo Group (http://www.koryogroup.com/) (there may be others ?).

In any case, I recommend that you read the BBC article.

19-10-05, 05:18
To me that whole trip sounds Horrible! You might as well not go and just watch a government film on life in North Korea. Obviously on such a strictly regimented tour you're not going to get any kind of a feeling for what life in North Korea is really like.

Ma Cherie
19-10-05, 05:24
I don't know, I don't think I would want to step foot in country that's basically lived in it's own world for some time now. :? Besides that government seems to spend alot of time brainwashing those folks.

19-10-05, 05:34
by...(I forgot). Did anyone get the news on that one ?

19-10-05, 07:00
Yes, North Korea has allowed tour groups for a few years now.
Supposedly its really, really beautiful in some parts, and if you are going to see the sights, and not the malnutritioned families that dont have any power, then it has the potential to be a wonderful sightseeing trip.
Its not a cheap holiday considering its citizens live a life worse than some third world countries, and for some reason they have very upmarket hotels and other forms of accomodation.
For a person living in South Korea (but obviously not south korean), we have to fly into North Korea via Beijing. You get your passports taken off you, and they dont stamp it either, then when you leave, you get it back, with no record of actually having been there.
Taking photos freely is a big no-no, talking to anyone is also forbidden, and everywhere you go, you have to have a translator.
They often make foreigners pay in US dollars, at exorbitant prices, so it would need to be a well planned, and carefully saved for holiday.
I have wanted to go to North Korea for a while now, but have never had the funds to do so. I think I would prefer to go there as a relief/aid worker of some kind.
So I dont really know all the ins and outs, but have done a bit of research.

Ma Cherie
19-10-05, 07:12
It amazes me how two countries are the same and be so different. :?

19-10-05, 07:24
Right, satellite photography has shown that there were more night lights in North Korea in 1987 than there were in 1997. Thats scary!
I just found out too, that they arent allowed to travel within their own country either!
However I did see a travel show and there were North Koreans in Russia proudly wearing their countries tee shirts, I think it was some sort of University trip or something. Im surprised they didnt have any soldiers with them.

When I was teaching at summer camp, we were close to the border, and everytime North Korea would send up a fighter jet, South Korea would have to retaliate, and so 24 hours a day there were constant fighter jets, sometimes as many as 4 at a time.
How the 'Dear Leader' can deem this unnecessary act of fuel wastage, when his future soldiers are being starved to death at home, or living with no parents is frustrating for me to hear/see.

Ma Cherie
19-10-05, 07:42
North Korea being the communist nation that it is, does that mean the residents have to have permission to leave? I've only heard rumors about what goes on there. How many people in N. Korea have cars? Are all of the people of N. Korea starving?

19-10-05, 15:53
The soldiers im sure wouldnt be starving as much as regular residents.
Supposedly (im only going on what i've read), they arent allowed to travel within their own country, it is very difficult for them to be granted leave from their country unless they are a particularly important person.
Not sure how many have cars, but I dont think that it would be many that dont work for government in some form. Considering they are on strict food rations, and many dont have power, im guessing they wouldnt be able to afford cars...
When I learn more, I will let you know.

19-10-05, 18:43
I'm ignorant when it comes to N. Korea's people, ways, etc., but this tour doesn't sound appealing.

20-10-05, 10:49
It sounds like a bad idea to me. It seems that paying North Korea exorbitant amounts of money for anything just perpetuates the ability of the current regime to support itself.

21-10-05, 15:56
Although tourists are allowed to travel to N. Korea, it isn't much freedom the tourists experience when they travel to N. Korea. Most of the time, the tourists, or foreign reporters are boxed in hotels and and busses in order to control their whereabouts. I don't have the patience to visit thr country if I got the chance - especially when it takes 2,5 years to get a tourist via for most people!!

06-04-11, 14:34
Have you been there Maciamo ?

Cambrius (The Red)
07-04-11, 15:10
North Korea has to be one of he saddest places in the world.

Spion Stirlitz
09-04-11, 18:31
North Korea has to be one of he saddest places in the world.

I am not so sure. I think that the kids at least have some quality television...