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20-10-05, 07:28
I suppose that most of our long-standing members will not learn much in this thread. But newcomers may be interested to know that :

- you can check all the new posts since your last visit by clicking on "New Posts", or those of the last 24h by choosing "Today's post". You should always use these options if you come regularly, as we get hundreds of posts per day. If you are only interested in on category (e.g. Japan-related), choose "New posts in" + the forum of your choice. Try to get the "good reflex" of using this "New Post" option rather than browsing each subforum one by one. If you are looking for something specific, use the search engine (http://www.eupedia.com/forum/search.php?).

- you can subscribe to any thread of your choice (by clicking on "subscribe to this thread" in Thread Tools above the first post), or automatically to all threads you have posted it in (by choosing it in the "Default Thread Subscription Mode" in your User Options (http://www.eupedia.com/forum/profile.php?do=editoptions)). The advantage is that you can easily find the threads you have participated in, and be informed when someone posts a reply. You can be informed by email, or just by checking your "subscribed threads" in your User Control Panel (http://www.eupedia.com/forum/usercp.php?). I personally use this latter option.

- you can change the forum style (skin) at the bottom left of any page (just above "Site sections"), and set your default styles in your User Options (http://www.eupedia.com/forum/profile.php?do=editoptions)

- you can disable all users' signatures, avatars or posted images in your User Options (http://www.eupedia.com/forum/profile.php?do=editoptions). This is useful if you have a slow connection, don't like it too colourful or clumsy, or visit the forum from work (so your supervisor is less likely to notice what you are browsing is not work-related without the avatars and pictures).

- you can view threads in 3 modes : linear (default), threaded or hybrid. Many Japanese forums use the threaded mode, but Westerners tend to prefer the linear mode.

- you can add or remove reputation to posts you think deserve it by clicking on http://www.eupedia.com/forum/images/buttonscolour/reputation.gif (see "Reputation Points" : RULES (http://www.eupedia.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12138)). You can see the reputation points given to you and comments in your User Control Panel (http://www.eupedia.com/forum/usercp.php?).

- you can view the list of all Eupedia members (http://www.eupedia.com/forum/memberlist.php?) in the Quick Links, and sort them by number of posts, reputation, last visit, etc.

- you can create polls by selecting "Post a Poll" at the bottom of your post when posting a NEW thread (only moderators and admins can add or edit polls after a thread has been started).

- to attach images from other websites (or from this website), click on this icon http://www.eupedia.com/forum/images/editor/insertimage.gif and paste the URL of the image (! NOT the URL of the whole page => to get the image URL, right click on it, go to Properties and copy the URL from "http://"). This also works for smileys. If you have your own website and keep a list of your favourite smileys, you can post them using this.

- you can also attach images from your PC by uploading them (but they will be displayed in a small box at the end of your post). Just go to "Attach Files" at the bottom of the page when you write a post.

22-10-05, 12:35
i know all this apart from the sorting members bit