View Full Version : Will you support an invasive army?

hua he
03-04-03, 09:20
Will you support an invasive army?

03-04-03, 15:49
What do you mean exactly ? I guess that's related to the invasion of Iraq by US forces. Are you asking if we support it or if we would support the US or any foreign army invading our own country ?

03-04-03, 17:26
If my country was ruled by a fascist, repressive dictator then probably yes.

03-04-03, 17:56
This is a subject where everything is case-sensitive. I cannot give an answer either way because of that.

I'd imagine that you're referring to or are inspired by the US and British forces lead attack on Iraq. In that situation, I think that the few countries who are making this "preemptive" attack are doing the right thing. Iraq's current leadership are dangerous people who need to be dealt with. I just hope there is a quick conclusion to this conflict and that it doesn't become a drawn-out affair. Thankfully, it looks like the majority of the fighting will be over with around Summer.

hua he
04-04-03, 18:30
Well, for example, if you are an Japanese, and if Japan invade other nations, will you support your army?

04-04-03, 19:50
The army? Yes. Those are my friends, family members, and neighbors.

The decision? Not likely. I hate politics... :(

05-04-03, 05:52
Depends the reason, but I am unlikely to support a government that just want petrol out of war.

05-04-03, 12:00
With so much (unrealiable) information on TV and Internet, I'm starting to have bad dreams about it. For instance, today I dreamt that I was a reporter in Lebanon and the word on the street was that Siria was joining Iraq's war. Weird shit...

It's funny but since the data-recording times there have always been defensive wars. The Roman Empire got from a small city in Italy to Almost all mediterranean and British islands through a series of much needed wars to protect their borders. They kept expanding, expanding until finally their lines of communication and defense were too thin to make a difference in sight of the barbarian hordes.
The Firtst World War was supposed to be the war to end all wars and in 1939, Nazi Germany started the war with Poland and later with the Soviet Union with weak excuses of protecting their borders or territorial claims.
There's always a reason to start a war but finding one to stop it, it's more difficult since people's minds tend to forget about the mileniuns of bloodshed and horror. If Orwell was alive he would probably write about the "precise bombings". After all they aren't nothing like Dresden, Nagasaki or Hiroshima but it must feel nice to be a Iraqi civilian living a few hundred meters from a designated target, never knowing when a huge sound wave will brake every glass and nerves in the house. A near miss might get the Iraqi people free from worries and their lives, but this isn't Stalingrad either since if we are to believe, people have freedom of movements and can always start a career cross border as a war refugee.
Yet another old trade made new in the times of today.

I believe in International Law but my goverment doesn't. Next elections I'll remind them of that.

07-04-03, 09:07
I agree with mdchachi. All you have to do is visit
Kurdistan 1988 Civilian Gassing (http://www.kdp.pp.se/chemical.html)

I have studied Hussein for almost a year now. He's a man who looks up to Stalin and Hitler like I look up to Einstein. Don't believe me? I super imposed a Nazi Eagle over the Iraqi eagle. It's creepy they match almost exaclty. Not to mention that his son Uday is a psychopathic serial rapist. He's so crazy he scares his father, so Uday is never aloud to now where he sleeps. When he bombed the kurds with VX gas and cyanide gas, which makes their muscles flex so much they brake their own back, he didn't just go through once, twice, or three times; he went through 6 times to kill them all. Just the 1988 bombing killed around 5000 civilians.

Iron Chef
11-04-03, 16:57
Well, everyone pretty much knows where I stand on the whole issue but I guess this sums it up nicely:

16-04-03, 08:52
Yes "Might is Right", no one will be able to change the rule, ever in future, never in the past.
So.. be mighty .. .. ... that will protect your right.

Greatest Progress!!! in 21 Days of USA Vs Iraq WAR (http://www.commondreams.org/headlines03/0409-07.htm) : US flag-raising understandable

Nothing to be serious: This is symbolic and symbol of freedom. I cann't hide myself for 86400-7-365.

Cpl Edward Chin from New York of the 3rd battalion, 4th Marines regiment, set up the star and stripes flag on the face of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's statue before to tear down it, in downtown Bagdad, Wednesday, April 9, 2003. (AP Photo/Laurent Rebours)

16-04-03, 08:57
Nothing to be serious: This is symbolic and symbol of freedom. I cann't hide myself for 86400-7-365.

US servicemen hoist the Stars and Stripes flag at the deep-sea port of Umm Qasr.

20-04-03, 20:34
If my country invaded other nationals, poisoned their children, executed innocents in masses, raped the women, actively supported training terrorist's to achieve demise of within other nations...no, I wouldn't support my country. If my country stood up to counter those committing these same attrocities, I'm next in line to do my part. Do the right thing to protect all God's peoples!

hua he
29-04-03, 10:45
Malaysian Chinese Party (MCP) have always anti this American-Iraqi war and always say that Chinese won't support this war.. But after they saw that it was a Chinese who uses an American flag to cover Saddam's bronze idol face, they were totally quiet now.

deborah gormley
01-05-03, 19:28
@Kerryd,,,, I am against any kind of invasion!! how-ever your words have stirred a real emotion on my out look to invasion,,,
If my country stood up to counter those committing these same attrocities, I'm next in line to do my part. Do the right thing to protect all God's peoples! these are very good words and should be adhered to.:bow:
:wave: Hi by the way.

Dutch Baka
28-08-05, 13:17
depens for the reason, if i am behind it will maybe, but yeah when my country is in war.. should i be in war? because of some politic * always stupid reasons if you ask me* i should fight for them? and let my wife alone..with the change i get killed for my country? i dont think so. i love my own life and wife more.. maybe selfish for some people. but i life for myself my familie and friends, not for my country

so i wont fight , only when i am behind it 100%