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Dutch Baka
11-01-06, 20:33
I translated this from dutch to english, for the original context in dutch click here (http://www.telegraaf.nl/newz/31597671/Even_dood_voor_75_euro.html)

Amsterdam- Its a popular scene for a horror flick, but now it really exist. For 75 euro you can feel for maximum of 1 hour how it feels to be buried alive.

You have to lay down in a box, and then you are being placed 1,meter under in a hole. to take care that you don't crawl out of being a chicken, a concrete block of 3500 kilo will be placed above the box. You are not completely closed out, because from the box there is a connection to a computer, where your friends and family can watch you while they sit down on a terrace near. also oxygen will be given to you, and if you really panic, you can always press a button so that the concrete block will be lifted up.

If you want to try this new thing, you do have to put your signature on this paper, which says that nobody from the organization is responsible for possible damage.

13-01-06, 07:23
That's insane... I wouldn't do it if they payed me 75 euros. the thought of it makes me shiver... you dutch... what will you come up with next :p ?

13-01-06, 12:52
This thread should be in "European news", not "Japanese news".

Dutch Baka
13-01-06, 13:15
This thread should be in "European news", not "Japanese news".


how about a Comment on the subject maciamo?:p

13-01-06, 13:21
Well, I don't want to be buried in a Christian way (in a box) when I die, so I don't see what would make me want to experience that. For people who like sinister attraction of the like, in Brussels there is a cafe called Le Cercueil (http://www.ebru.be/Cafes/CafCercueil.html) (The Coffin), where tables are replaced by coffins, and drinks all have macabre names.

13-01-06, 14:16
That's creepy. I'm a bit claustrophobic so it would be very unpleasant for me. I can't believe you have to pay for it too! They would have to pay me - a lot! Maybe I would do it for enough money to pay off my mortgage :blush: