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12-02-06, 02:39
Wm Jones described Sanskrit as 'more perfect than Latin, more copious
than Greek, and more exquisitely refined than either'.

Sanskrit is the only language whose characters match the pattern
made by the sound vibration of the syllable.

Each syllable of Sanskrit is linked to a different star.

Sanskrit is the mother of all language, and of Hindu scripture such
as the Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita.

Guru of over 100 million, Sai Baba encourages the study of Sanskrit.

12-02-06, 05:45
Sanskrit is the mother of all language
Sorry to be blunt, but linguistically this is crap. Sanskrit is just another successor of Proto-Indo-European.

Mike Cash
12-02-06, 05:53
The endorsement of a fraud like Sai Baba is all the reason I need NOT to study it.

13-02-06, 15:09
I'm sure Sanskrit is a very interesting language to study, but I can't do everything, so I rather study a language that enables me to make myself understood to more people.

Mars Man
15-02-06, 04:35
Interesting first post. . . I might say. Whatever that may be, however, I did study Sanscrit in college, along with Hindi. Of course the vowels, and phonetics are very much the same, but the words vary greatly. Sanscrit is beautiful in its own way, I'd agree, and has a better flow than that of Hindi, but, is very much a dead language. Aum.:-)

02-03-06, 05:45
The endorsement of a fraud like Sai Baba is all the reason I need NOT to study it.
What does Sai baba have to do with Sanskrit
Sanskrit is the language of Thousands of Texts of South East Asia. Including many in Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, and Cambodia
Volumes in Pschychology, Mathematics, Metaphysics, Astrology, and Ayurveda(Medicine), Buddhism..
It is much like how Latin Influenced Europe, Sanskrit has that influence in South Asia.