View Full Version : Vietnam shows stance with Glitter case

06-03-06, 20:32
"I'm innocent. This is a conspiracy," said former rock star Gary Glitter as he was led away from a Vietnamese courtroom on Friday.

But the judge thought otherwise, sentencing him to three years in jail for committing lewd acts against two young girls, and describing the disgraced rocker as having "a sickness";


Glitter jailed for abusing girls;


Personally i do not think his sentence was harsh enough, and that he should get a much longer sentence, years longer- but i do hope that in all this controversy, that perhaps this really will spark more concern and action against vietnams sex trade, as its somthing that is very bad and there has not been done alot about it over the decades. Hopefully this isn't somthing though that will fizzle-out once the hype and interest about glitters case dies down...