View Full Version : Intuition. Do you follow yours?

09-04-06, 15:27
Do you follow your gut instincts? Your intuition? Or do you try to think everything through logically? Or are you somewhere in between?

What would be the advantages and disadvantages of either?

10-04-06, 01:18
I try to think the reasons why I get gut instincts about things when I do to make sure that I'm not making mistakes.

They sometimes stick with me and influence my judgement, but sometimes they are just baloney.

nice gaijin
10-04-06, 01:23
It really depends on the situation I suppose; gut instincts can only solve so many problems...

11-04-06, 05:10
I'm in between. When I have an instinct that's right, I tend to ignore it. But when I do go with my supposed instinct, I am wrong. So, sometimes it's hard to trust myself.

But, I go for the logical way.

11-04-06, 11:05
I don't think that intuition and logic are necessarily two different things. I have a theory that in intuition our brain works out an answer so fast that we aren't aware of the processes involved - that it's a subconscious form of logic. If I have a gut feeling that that car is going to pull out, I think that my brain is assessing the situation, comparing it to similar situations from the past and coming to that conclusion - but it's all happening so fast that I'm not aware of the thought processes.

But in answer to the question - if I don't have time to apply conscious logic I always trust my gut reaction. If I have time to reason it out I will do so.

Mars Man
11-04-06, 13:36
As far as I have read on the matter of consciousness, I think that Tsuyoiko has a good point there. I could be a member of a selected audience to watch a video and count the number of baskets made by each particular team, and while in a deep state of concentration (I mean those players are moving fast) I might get gut feeling to stop--and at that instant I suddenly notice a gorilla walking out in the middle of the court.

I sometimes pay attention to a gut feeling, sometimes do not. It is, let's say weird, that at a number of times in my life I have really hit it off with a gut feeling. Once, and it's weird that Tsuyoiko brought it up, I just had a sudden gut feeling that one truck coming towards an intersection wouldn't stop--the light I was coming up on had just turned green and we could see each other (if the other driver had been looking)--so I broke hard. . . and sure enough, that truck went right through without slowing down. Who knows, that driver could have had a gut feeling that I would slow down.

11-04-06, 13:52
I try to use logic and intuition. You could miss some things with logic, and the same goes for intuition.

11-04-06, 13:53
My intuition is pretty terrible, so most things I go through I have to go with logic.

12-04-06, 18:05
I used to be the person who had strong intuition... and always acted on it. There were times when I would say things without thinking about it, and it would happen. Unfortunately usually bad things.
Also when I was really young, and got that gut feeling, I would take note of everything, and then if something bad happend, I would go about the next time differently. Whether it be crossing the street somewhere else, or entering my school at a different entrance.
I had a habit of going places at exactly the same time, and same way each day if I had had a good day... change it when I had a bad day. Then I was (still am) a bit strange.
However, I have always always thought too much about everything logically. My brain is over crowded with what ifs, and then what's.
However unless I have that bad gut feeling, I just go with the flow.