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11-04-06, 21:14
I've never created a poll before, this is exciting. :blush:

Anyway, from the 'vegetarianism and the environment' thread I was wondering how much people here consider the environmental aspects of there diet when they are doing their food shopping. Do you advoid factory farmed meat and go for the locally grown organic produce, or just the cheapest tastiest things you can find? Be honest!

11-04-06, 21:58
I'd say the only thing that I really look at in terms of meat and environmental stuff is tuna, and I doubt any non-dolphin-safe tuna is even sold anymore. For fruits, veggies, grains, etc., I tend to make most of my choices based on price (actually regardless of the kind of food it is), and whenever I add the factor of environment, it's a special occasion. Then again, I haven't cooked for myself in about a year now (living at home has its advantages) but with my upcoming plans on getting out of the house, I'm sure I'll resume it with far more discretionary income than I ever had while cooking in college. This might lead me towards more socially minded grocery shopping, since I'll actually have the means to consider it.

12-04-06, 17:41
Great question, krazykat ! Although I don't end up cooking enough for myself to have much of a response either. The take out Chinese or grocery bar salads I rely on most are definately environmentally high impact in terms of hard plastic packaging and aluminum if nothing else but there really isn't a lot I can do about that. Organic bananas would be one option, not local unfortunately :-) so far the only thing holding me back are any possible differences in flavor or texture but just one might be a good first step....:)

Ian L
14-09-19, 06:06
My diet consists only of grains, fish and fruits. I started to avoid beef

22-09-19, 11:47
75% of the water worldwide it's used for the the growth of the cereals for the feed of the bovins ,i have forget to be greta-thumbergised
there is more than 2 billion of cows on earth ,something to verified but in 2006 it was 1.4 so i have extrapolate a bit