View Full Version : Tiredness: how does one get rid of it?

27-04-06, 21:08
After three nights of 10-12 hours of sleep, I still feel knackered. I'm wondering how does one get rid of tiredness. What are some techniques that work well for you?

I do know that a regular schedule is supposedly better, but somehow I just don't want to lay in bed hoping to fall asleep soon, so I stay up and post or read till I feel like I will crash as soon as I hit the bed.

28-04-06, 12:15
I think you probably feel tired because you have had too much sleep. Even if you still feel tired when you wake up, I think you should force yourself to get up after 9 hours at the most. Then you are more likely to feel tired sooner, and can get into a better pattern - and I do think a pattern is important, as you say yourself.

Although it might vary by an hour or so at weekends, I go to bed and get up at the same time every day - even if I didn't get to sleep straightaway the night before. I also don't eat anything for a couple of hours before going to bed, and avoid caffeine after the late afternoon. Then I finish up every evening by doing something relaxing, such as taking a bath or reading for a while.

During the day, make sure you are drinking enough water - dehydration makes you feel tired. If you feel sleepy in the day, I find that peppermint tea or an apple straight from the fridge are good gentle stimulants.

A good compromise might be to take your book to bed and read it there - you might find yourself wanting to sleep sooner that way.

[ /lecture ] :blush:

Da Monstar
28-04-06, 14:55
1. Your body could be in need of Iron. Either eat more meat, or read in brochures or the internet how to get more Iron. If you are vegetarian there are alternatives, but I can't remember any other things right know where you get as much Iron as in meat.

2. By taking a long run till your legs fell sore and then run a little longer, then take a shower and you will fall asleep a lot easier (works for me) (but since you say you sleep for 10-12 hours this might not be the problem)

3. Sleeping too much! I know from myself, that during holidays and the likes, you tend to sleep to somewhere around 10-11am or even longer. This is not healthy either if your usual schedule is only to somewhere around 6-7am. Then no matter for how long you sleep you will still feel tired.

4. Lazy.... If you get lazy and don't have anything to do, you can also get tired. Tired of doing nothing? yes, it is actually true!

28-04-06, 15:38
I agree that you probably slept too much! People say you need 8 hours of sleep to function daily, but each person is different. Many people wake daily after only 5-6 hours of sleep and feel totally refreshed.

Thing is, you need a steady schedule. It doesn't matter what time you sleep each night, but try to repeat it daily. Same with your waking time. A good rule of thumb is...if you need an alarm to wake you, you are not getting enough rest! I can go to sleep at 12am and wake at 6 am with no assistance. That is how much sleep my body needs...in fact, I have forced myself to sleep longer and actually felt terrible when I awoke.

As for exercise, do not overdo it...start off moderately. Exercise is actually a very good way to wake your body, and it is very good to perform it in the morning after waking. If you exercise in the evening, you must wait for your body to wind down before you can truly relax and enter REM.

Whatever you do, I wish you good luck!

28-04-06, 16:05
I know the feeling of sleeping too much all too well. I often have nothing to do day after day (I'm in Independent Study, so I don't even go to school.)

I think I need to find something to do on a daily basis, because I really don't have anything to do anymore. All my friends were just "Hey, see ya" friends, and so I have no one to hang out with.

If anyone has any suggestions, please tell me. I'm seriously getting bored out of my mind.

Sensuikan San
29-04-06, 05:16
Find something interesting to do, to devote yourself to and accomplish.

I don't think you're tired .... just bored ...


29-04-06, 05:21
Find something interesting to do, to devote yourself to and accomplish.
I don't think you're tired .... just bored ...

Agree.. When I was working full time, I didn't have time to feel tired but now I am a full time student, I find myself tired mostly of the time. Tired from being bored.

Mike Cash
29-04-06, 05:50
I'm just curious how to get a gig where you can sleep 10-12 hours for 3 days.

I'm usually lucky if I can sleep 10-12 hours in 3 days.

29-04-06, 06:10
Exercise helps me stay energized until it's time for sleep. Just don't exercise before you want to go to sleep. It's hard to get to sleep.

Drink Gatorade. Maybe it's the lack of electrolytes?

Also fresh air can help too.

01-05-06, 01:18
Thanks for the replies.

I have decided to try getting up at 6:00 every morning, and at the very least going for a walk first thing in the morning.

I got an idea from another site, that being to read a good book just before going to bed. It is a way to stop thinking about the various concerns. I think I'll give it a try.

01-05-06, 16:02
Good thread, Revenant.

I feel the same as you. Tired all the time. Doesn`t matter if I sleep too much or just a little. I am wondering if you have low blood pressure. I do, and I am convinced that that is why I usually tired.

I don`t think it is a vitamin deficiency with me. However, when I force my self to drink 8 oz of water upon waking up, I do seem to feel more awake.

But again, I feel you -- I am always drained.

01-05-06, 16:27
Always drink water upon awaking. Still, I probably don't get enough.

I'm actually trying to shut down thinking at times, or in other words, enjoy the present moment, or more fully experience it without all the attempts at intellectualizing, or missing the moment while thinking on past events or future plans.

I have my moments of internal peace.

01-05-06, 16:52
I don`t know about you, Revenant, but my inner dialogue is always running. I am not like some who when their heads hit the pellow they can stop thoughts of today or tomorrow, of issues, or news, and then sleep soundly. I will get a thought in my head or have something left over from the newspaper or the TV news and it will keep there.

Personally, a lot of stories with injustice where parents kill kids or where some kids kill a homeless person sticks in my mind and makes me wonder "why?" over and over again. It just sticks and keeps me awake.

But, I do recommend drinking water as soon as you wake up. It helps me get energized.

01-05-06, 17:01
I will get a thought in my head or have something left over from the newspaper or the TV news and it will keep there.Same here, or when I'm working on a project and can't find a solution, it keeps simmering in my mind and in the end I had a bad night. Wish I could switch my brain off when I go to bed.

02-05-06, 11:03
Your decision to try getting up at the same time every day seems like a good one. It works quite well for me - I have the occasional lapse, but I stick to it most days. Knowing I have to get up to feed the rabbit helps - do you have an incentive like that you could use?

08-05-06, 19:38
I hope it is working for you!
I feel tired all the time, I know it's as a consequence of never getting quite enough sleep. ><
I think a healthy diet and reasonable amount of exercise helps you to fall asleep. ^^
Also, for me personally if I use a computer before I go to bed, that makes it difficult for me to sleep. I'm not sure why - maybe the brightness of the screen acts like a light-box, making my brain think it's still day time? :?
Also, I cannot go to sleep if I'm listening to music. >< It makes my brain to work too hard!
Conversely, though, I can easily sleep to other people's music! such as dance music from next door. The rhythm is soporific for me. :-)