View Full Version : How do you eat your spaghetti ?

10-05-06, 16:43
As it came up in the tabla manners thread, I am interested to know how you guys eat your spaghetti. I most usually use a fork and spoon, and occasionally only a fork.

10-05-06, 17:26
Good lord. Whatever will j-ref come up with next?! :souka: :D

I use a fork, twirl not cut, and occasionally a knife to push stray ends into place. :liplick:

10-05-06, 17:28
Good lord. Whatever will j-ref come up with next?! :souka: :D
I use a fork, twirl not cut, and occasionally a knife to push stray ends into place. :liplick:

Roughly the same.

10-05-06, 17:39
I'm a twirler as well, though occasionally I'll get carried away in a style reminiscent of an I Love Lucy episode.

The spoon is only brought into play at a nice restaurant, and even then I find msyelf using it reluctantly.

10-05-06, 18:05
I cut my spaghetti and eat it with only a fork

10-05-06, 19:14
When there is meat to cut, like chicken permesean or sausages, I use a knife, but mostly I only use a fork and twirl my spaghetti.

When I was in Japan, I used to use a spoon when the sauce had a lot of liquid in it to not splatter because I heard that was the proper manner.

I've seen a person who cut his spaghetti into a bite size with a knife and ate it with a fork in US.

Ma Cherie
10-05-06, 21:15
I normally eat spaghetti with a fork, but it depends on what's in it (i.e. meatballs, sausage, etc.).

10-05-06, 21:17
I only use a fork.

11-05-06, 04:11
I use a fork. It's fun to twirl spaghetti

11-05-06, 04:27
Gosh, this thread made me think of a documentary film I saw when I was a kid of the Italian spaghetti harvesters picking the spaghetti off the trees in Northern Italy.

11-05-06, 04:50
Usually with fork only. Occasionally, fork and spoon. Aghh, I missed carbonara... hehe...

11-05-06, 04:58
I mainly use a fork, but sometimes I have been known to put it on some toast and make a sandwich.

Mikawa Ossan
11-05-06, 09:21
This is a strange thread, but...

I usually eat spaghetti with just a fork. Sometimes with the help of a spoon. If I have no choice, I'll use chopsticks, but as I am in the habit of slurping noodles that enter my mouth via chopsticks, it can make for a bit of a mess, so I really try to avoid it!

If there is extra sauce after the noodles are gone, I'll use a spoon without exception to finish it off!

11-05-06, 09:49
I'm a fork man too! Half the fun of eating spaghetti is twirling it on your fork before shoveling it in your mouth!


11-05-06, 22:34
I eat mine with fork and spoon, but my husband eats them with knife and fork.

02-06-06, 21:54
With a for and a spoon :-)

03-06-06, 14:58
With a fork.

And, I like to spend about thirty seconds before eating cutting it with a fork so that all my speghetti isn`t long flipping around on the fork splattering sauce as I twirl it. Sometimes I dice it too much and have to use my fork to scoop it up.

I also feel unfullfilled if I don`t have garlic bread to go with my spaghetti. But, I hate it when my wife eats garlic bread because I can notice it on her breath. Oh, and a glass of red wine is always nice with spaghetti.

03-09-06, 05:35
In recent weeks I`ve begun adding a lot of Tobasco Sauce to my spaghetti when I choose to eat it with traditional tomato spaghetti sauce.

Does anyone else put Tobasco on their spaghetti? or has ever tried it?

I have to say I like the extra "zing" it adds.

09-09-06, 22:32
I found out that according to the Neapolitan habit, eating spaghetti with a fork and a spoon is perfectly polite, though not all Italian use a spoon.

10-09-06, 02:08
Indeed,,, i haven't encountered the spoon thing so much.. i just use a fork myself and twirl it around...yum yum..spaghetti in my view is easier to eat than noodles

16-09-06, 02:19
I eat spaghetti with a spoon and fork. I usually slice it into smaller pieces then eat it with a spoon and fork, because that's the easiest and most comfortable way imo.

25-09-06, 15:42
Spoon what for? just SPaghetti uncapable people uses a spoon....

23-11-06, 02:50
I just twist it around on my fork. Sometimes I put a little bit of it on garlic bread.

21-05-10, 22:39
With a fork, a knife, and ketchup.

30-07-10, 15:32
With a fork and spoon unless I have a bib sized napkin wrapped around me in which case I am quite happy to go fork-only and twirl away.

24-11-10, 04:51
I use Fork, cut it and twirl.. sometimes I ate it with bread..

05-04-12, 23:58
With fork only and a twirl :)

13-08-13, 00:32
I usually eat it with a fork, and hold a spoon under it, as to be polite.

However, the other night, I was exhausted, and was out of forks,, so I used just a spoon, and fell asleep.

:ramen: Never tried chopsticks though.

13-08-13, 04:47
Bare hands. Then I lick the plate. Clean.

13-08-13, 07:29
Bare hands. Then I lick the plate. Clean.

:eek: You barbarian! :grin:

26-08-13, 02:42
Fingers and Fork...whatever gets the stuff in my mouth.

Lamonica Detweiler
07-10-15, 07:58
I eat my spaghetti with just a fork. :)

06-02-16, 19:54
I would first grab my fork and stab my spaghetti right in the center. Twist it a dozen times. Lift it up, and if some of the noodles are just hanging off the fork, I start over again.

No need to start over again. :) It doesn't have to be perfect...a few strands can hang down a little bit. The trick is to lift a bit after a twirl or two, and not to take up too much. It helps if it's served in a bowl as it often is in Italy because you use the curve of the bowl. At least you're not using a spoon. I was taught that was very low class or for very young children and therefore verboten. Bread is great with pasta, although you wouldn't think so as they're both starches. If you're in a home setting (not in a restaurant or with relative strangers) you can use the bread to mop up any left over sauce, although if it's Italy and tomato sauce, it won't be swimming in it.

Of course, rules are meant to be broken. I once took a British friend of mine to a southern Italian restaurant where he ordered pasta with puttanesca sauce. He was so enamored by it he said he wanted to swim in it. :) He didn't do that but he did use a spoon and then a half a loaf of bread soaking up the sauce, even the sauce remaining in the serving platter. I wasn't the only one charmed; so was the owner/chef of the restaurant. There's no greater compliment to the chef.

It's the same thing with Chinese food and chopsticks. I'm pretty good with them after a lot of practice, but if it's a particularly "juicy" dish, I'm not above using a spoon if one is provided so that I can get all the sauce. I've also been known to pick up the smaller bits of seafood and then sucking at the shell, and no one threw me out! :)



08-02-16, 07:31
I twirl spaghetti with fork.