View Full Version : Wild bears back to Germany after 171 years !

22-05-06, 09:21
BBc News : Germany welcomes wild bear return (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/5003354.stm)

A wild bear is roaming the German countryside for the first time since 1835, police in the Bavarian Alps say.

Seven sheep carcasses were found in Garmisch-Partenkirchen on Sunday, confirming the bear had entered Germany across the nearby Austrian border.
The region's environment minister said the bear was "welcome in Bavaria" and told people they had nothing to fear.

Austrian wildlife experts who have been following the bear's movements said it was unlikely to approach humans.

Hunters' associations welcomed the bear's arrival as "positive" but said they were concerned it might damage farm property.

I have personally noted an improvement in the return of wild species (e.g. birds of prey, wild geese...) since my childhood. It's good to see that bigger species slowly make their comeback too.

22-05-06, 15:42
Nice to hear about this bear. I hope it can live its life without being harried by the most dangerous animal which proliferates just about everywhere attempting to grab everything for itself -- humans.

Surprised to see in your post though that those referenced seem to take the killing of sheep rather nonchalantly. In most cases they would be calling for the bear's skin. Perhaps Germany has developed, or are attempting to develope, a more enlightened attitude of tolerance and permissiveness towards animals than many other nations. It is nice to think so. It would be nicer to know so.

I guess we will see.

Dutch Baka
24-05-06, 08:55
As some of you people might know, I am moving to Japan in 3.5 weeks from now. I will be living in Kobe just under Mt. Rokko, and you guess what my wife saw last week in front of our house... exactly a wild boar! I am pretty scared for them actually so I might run away from them, or maybe shoot them from my balcony for the BBQ.

It's great to see this kind of animals return. And that governments do something more about nature so now and then. Here in the Netherlands they have build some special nature bridges(Ecoducts) over highways, so that the wild animals can cross it to see their family again.


24-05-06, 15:37
I heard on the news today that the German Government have given the go ahead to kill it, as it has attacked and killed several sheep and broke into a chicken coup. Mind you they think it has wandered back into Austria

25-05-06, 15:28
Wouldn`t surprise me if they killed it. Makes me wonder if "man" is even deserving to be in a world of diversity if they can`t tolerate the natural heritage they crawled out from.

02-07-06, 05:43
Well, Bruno was indeed killed.

Germany goes 170 years without being graced with the life of one of nature's most magnificent creations (after purposely exterminating them) and then suddenly one decides to come back to them; and what do they do? Kill it.

It is a sad commentary on the state of our species.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I have always had the image that the Green Party was pretty strong in Germany, having grass roots support within the local populace. In addition, Germany has a pretty progressive attitude toward animals, even going so far as to name them in their constitution, amending it just several years ago, adding language to offer hope for protection from cruelty and abuse.

As for Bruno`s killing:

Critics condemned the shooting, with some demanding a police investigation. The president of the German Environmental Protection Association, Hubert Weinzierl, said it was the "dumbest of all solutions."

Source: Bruno's idyllic existence comes to end (http://www.iht.com/articles/2006/06/26/news/bear.php), New York Times

To add insult to injury, they plan on stuffing him for display so voyeurs can see what a dead bear looks like. Perhaps that is education more valuable than seeing and knowing a live one is roaming the countryside -- causing one to have respect and awe for the forces that lurk in the valleys and forests of nature.

02-07-06, 09:57
I agree that killing Bruno was the "dumbest of all solutions. They could have sedate him and attached a chip to localise him and follow his trail. Or put it into a fenced natural reserve or a zoo...