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23-05-06, 16:00
This is getting increasingly popular : ordering products from your supermarket online and having them delivered to your home. I heard that a few Japanese supermarkets do that (Ito-Yokado...). In Belgium Delhaize (http://www.eupedia.com/cgi-bin/dir/jump.cgi?ID=228965) (know as the Lion in the US) and Colryut (http://www.eupedia.com/cgi-bin/dir/jump.cgi?ID=229105) (the only two 100% Belgian supermarket chains) have this service. They charge between 5 and 10 euro for the delivery (free from a certain amount). It's very convenient if you don't have a car (for heavy stuff like drinks, cereals, cleaning products...) or just don't have time to go shopping.

Have you used supermarket delivery services ? Do you use them often ? Is it available in your country of area ? (e.g. in Belgium they do not deliver in some areas of the countryside)

24-05-06, 14:21
Interesting thread! :cool:
I don't use them. Actually, I don't really shop at a 'supermarket' as such... well, technically speaking it is (it's part of a small obscure chain), but it's a very little supermarket about the size of some larger corner shops.

I am lucky enough to live on a street that has lots of little shops, including delis, butchers, bakers, 'bargain' store, stationers, little supermarche, greengrocers, flower shop, jeweller, clothing shop, bookshops, charity shop, bars, restaurants... practically everything you'd want to buy on a casual basis. So I don't need to go out of my way to shop - I just pick stuff up on my way home from work. ^^ It's probably a fraction more expensive than going to the local BIG BIG super (about 20 mins walk away), but it's much pleasanter... I don't have to carry my shopping very far, and the people in the shops are friendly, it makes you feel like you're part of a community, and you can get nicer more interesting bits and pieces (chocolate covered coffee beans, anyone?! =P).

I like the exercise of walking, and I wouldn't use supermarket delivery unless I was sick or otherwise unable to get out and about. I might use it once in a blue moon if I was doing a big party and had a really massive food order to get in. And it's a great service for elderly people who can't walk long distances and carry stuff; also for people who can't drive. If I lived in a rural place a long way from the super, I'd probably still drive into the town/city to do my grocery shopping, as I could do other shopping/chores at the same time. :car:

25-05-06, 03:20
I am not aware of whether they have this kind of service in France. I know you can order clothes online though. I have done it once, but the problem is sometimes the picture of clothes of what you see is not exactly the same when you put it on. I think for clothes you need to go in the boutiques or department stores...etc to try on for accuracy.:haihai:

Where I live there is a big hypermarket not very far, not really walk able but you can get there by taking a bus, and driving is of course the quickest. I actually like shopping; I wouldn't want to do that much things by the internet. Actually I don't think spending too much time online is very healthy, we should go out and do activities more.:rose:

25-05-06, 05:50
I am almost certain that a service like that would be profitable in this area- We are quite far from the nearest market and we usually get everything once a week.

16-03-11, 00:10
I saw advertised on tv you can now scan a product with your mobile phone and then and there literally re-order it, so at the breakfast table the Frosties have gone empty phone out one click their in your next delivery. Amazing!:shocked:

01-09-11, 13:47
I do not use supermarket home delivery services but it sounds very interesting and maybe I will try it once. When I have guests for dinner I always have to buy a lot and maybe then it would make sense to use it. I already used flowers delivery London (http://www.serenataflowers.com/sendflowers/London.htm) and that worked perfectly so why not also use home delivery for your groceries.

01-09-11, 17:36
It is a good idea for the elderly, those who are sick or with disabilities and cannot move around easily. But for the average person? No it is just plain lazy to expect someone to do your shopping for you. Even if we had the service in our little backwater I wouldn't use it.