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27-05-06, 10:20
BBC News : Major new station opens in Berlin (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/5022498.stm)

The biggest railway station in Europe has been inaugurated in Berlin by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

A two-day celebration is being held in the German capital to mark the opening of the 700m euros (480m) Hauptbanhof.
The station took eight years to build and for the first time will link the railway lines in the north and south of Berlin with those in the east and west.

Around 30,000 passengers are expected to use it every day.
The 151ft (46m) steel and glass structure dwarfs the nearby parliament buildings of the Reichstag and the Chancellery, where Ms Merkel has her office.

30,000 passengers is not that much when compared with the 2 millions in Shinjuku Station, which is only one of the 7 big train stations in central Tokyo.

Here is the Wikipedia article for Berlin Hauptbahnhof (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin_Lehrter_Bahnhof). Here is the official website of the station (http://www.hbf-berlin.de/site/berlin__hauptbahnhof/en/start.html).

27-05-06, 19:12
Update : Euronews says that 350,000 people are expected to use the station every day. Indeed 30,000 was really too few.

Mars Man
28-05-06, 06:05
Interesting read and information !! Thanks for sharing that with us !! I'm sure I'll hear of it from my cousin who works for Heidelburg (sp?) Printing Press company down south ways in Germany--he often travels around.

I couldn't see any from the air pics there (unless I missed them by not taking some of the links. Are there any?

19-06-06, 22:03
w00t to european superstructures
no seriously, good work Germany.