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29-05-06, 00:04
When I want to upload my custom avatar from a website I get a message saying "Invalid file", while it's possible on JREF. Also the layout is screwed up in Opera and Firefox :?

29-05-06, 00:12
I have the same problem, Maciamo said to me that Thomas will look it for me, I guess it is not been done yet.

29-05-06, 09:04
I know. I told Thomas to look at it over a week ago, but he hasn't yet.

18-06-06, 23:23
I know. I told Thomas to look at it over a week ago, but he hasn't yet.

Any more progress on this yet, Maciamo?:?

26-06-06, 00:35
Looks like I need to send an inbox to the man himself to seek for progress...:kanashii:

27-06-06, 22:29
Yes, finally it worked, thanks Thomas!:wave: :bravo:

03-03-10, 17:07
Hi! Newbie here...Just register and I just welcome my self in behalf of The admin and moderators of this forum..and just born at my birthday today. I had no wish of gate crushing ..and I happened to feel in love to this forum as the way I see it on this day...My birthday.

Customising my own avatar is for the purposes to arrive myself to a certain distinction. Hoping I could be easily remembered.

Thank you for this successful registration.:heart:

Spion Stirlitz
25-03-11, 18:19
Hi, everyone.

I have tried to upload my avatar from my disk but it was impossible. Provisionally I used an URL to a surrogate.

Cambrius (The Red)
26-03-11, 03:45
I can't erase my attachement cache as my check-off function does not operate.